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Daily Maternity Nurse

A daily maternity nurse is the ideal solution for families looking for support with their newborn but who don’t wish to have someone living in their home.

A daily maternity nurse usually works eight-12 hours per day with some flexibility. Like traditional 24-hour maternity nurses, daily maternity nurses are all self-employed. They charge a gross hourly rate from which they settle their own taxes and insurance. Our daily maternity nurses are renowned for their professionalism and knowledge.

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Our daily maternity nurses will help with feeds; support your preference of breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or combination feeding. They can offer advice if requested and their knowledge can be invaluable if you are experiencing problems breastfeeding. The daily maternity nurse is responsible for keeping all the baby’s bottles clean and sterilised. They are responsible for bathing your baby or teaching you how to bathe your baby. They will settle, or teach you how to settle your baby. They will deal with the baby’s laundry.

Our daily maternity nurses are thoroughly reference checked.  Many have completed certificates and workshops on professional babycare and all will have a current paediatric first aid certificate and clear DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).

Daily maternity nurses charge £11-£15 gross per hour for single babies. £15 – £18 gross per hour for twins. £18 – £22 gross per hour for triplets.

Please call either Katie, Vanessa or Sally in order to discuss your daily maternity nurse requirements – 020 7471 6000 or 0844 409 4321

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