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Twins or Triplet Maternity Nurse

Are you expecting twins or triplets?

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Here at Eden Maternity we can source a twins or triplet maternity nurse experienced with multiple births who can offer the correct level of support to assist you with your babies’ needs.

A maternity nurse (post natal carer or baby nurse) will help you to build confidence with your babies, listen to your requirements and provide a bespoke service. A maternity nurse will support you personal choices and offer you a wealth of experience.

Duties include help with feeding, bathing, changing and settling the babies, as well as taking care of the babies’ laundry and the nursery.

All our specialist nurses are experienced with newborn twins and triplet babies; generally most of them will have qualifications such as the MNT or NEST certificates. Sometime this is in conjunction with other nanny, nursing or midwifery qualifications. Some of our more experienced nurses may not have formal qualifications but will have years of experience. All candidates will have a paediatric first aid certificates and an enhanced DBS disclosure.

Twins specialist maternity nurses usually charge between £190 – £250 per 24 hours gross, depending on experience.

Triplets Specialist Maternity Nurses usually charge between £250 + per 24 hours gross, depending on experience.

For more information, please call Vanessa, Katie or Sally on 0207 471 6000 or 0844 409 7321 or email

Please remember all of our returning clients qualify for a 10% discount on temporary and permanent fees on all of our services. If you are considering in employing a  Live-In  or  Live-Out  nanny please ask for either Kathy, Kim, Freddie or Harriet

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