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If you are looking for a temporary nanny to cover summer holidays, assist on a skiing holiday or cover any last minute breaks, we can help by finding the best nannies to cover your specific requirements.

We will advertise the role on our website to attract the best choice of candidates as well as searching through the candidates registered with us. Once we have matched suitable candidates, we will send them for your consideration by email. After choosing your preferred candidate you can then meet the nanny.

All travel, accommodation, food, drink, travel insurance and associated expenses will be incurred by the employer. It is preferable for the holiday nanny to have their own room but they can share a room with up to two children. For nannies sharing a room with children who are still waking in the night, a flexible on call or maternity nanny package should be booked. 

The duties of the temporary nanny will vary depending on the number of hours and days you have booked for, but the main responsibilities will be:

  • To assist with children, pack for holiday and travel with you to airport
  • Assist with the children on flights and transfers
  • Settle the children and help with unpacking on arrival
  • Assist with dressing the children, mealtimes, and caring for them during the day
  • Entertain the children with age-appropriate activities
  • Help teach children swimming, music, homework, skiing or learning a new language (specialist nannies)
  • Provide evening babysitting
  • Assist with children that wake in the night
  • Help during the return journey, settling back in at home and unpacking

For summer, ski, holiday and temporary nannies doing extended bookings of two-12 weeks, the nanny will need to have certain days off.

If the holiday nanny is working five-day weeks then they should have a break for 48 hours before starting back to work. For nannies doing a six-day week a 24 hour break is required. All days off must be on a non-travel day. A travelling holiday nanny will assist with the care of your children on both days of travel as part of their agreed standard hours. 

If you are travelling as part of a group and have a number of children we can provide multiple nannies that can work together or on a rota system. The nanny can care for all the children of one family only or if families are sharing a nanny then the ratio is no more than three children under 14 years per nanny and no more than two children per nanny if the children are under two years. 

Additional charges may apply for working over UK bank and public holidays including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day..

For more information please call Karolina Stastna or Bree Christensen on 44 207 4716000

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