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10 Great Reasons To Hire A Professional Gardener

Some may consider a gardener a luxury but for many busy homeowners, a skilled horticulturalist is an absolute necessity and a wonderful asset for their home and garden. Even a relatively small garden can be time consuming to maintain, particularly for those who lack the knowledge required to care for their garden properly and keep it looking healthy and beautiful throughout the year.

If, like many others you are struggling to keep on top of your garden and it is beginning to look a little neglected, perhaps it’s time you hired a professional to get it back in shape so that you can enjoy those summer BBQ’s or can laze in the sunshine with the Sunday papers without feeling the slightest bit of guilt!

So, without further ado, here are 10 great reasons to hire a professional gardener.

1. Enjoy Your Garden

Looking after a garden requires a great deal of commitment, with even the smallest of gardens requiring several hours of outdoor labour each week to keep them in great shape. Hiring a professional gardener releases you of this responsibility and provides you with more spare time to focus on other things.

Even if you like to do a little gardening yourself, with the bulk of the hard work taken care of you will be able to spend more time simply relaxing in your garden and enjoying it.

2. Enhance The Appearance Of Your Home

A smart looking garden with healthy plants, pruned trees, mowed lawns and neatly trimmed shrubs enhances the appearance of your home and conveys the right impression. In addition to maintaining the existing plants and layout of your garden, a professional gardener will have the skills and creativity to help you make changes and improvements to the external areas and landscaping around your home to make your home look even more attractive and desirable.

3. Rolling With The Seasons

We tend to focus the most attention on our gardens during the spring and summer months when the weather prompts us to get outside to enjoy them and this external space becomes an extension of our usual relaxing and socialising areas.

With a great gardener taking care of your garden throughout each season; keeping on top of the maintenance, weeds, fallen leaves and spring planting your garden will look incredible all year round and ready when spring arrives.

4. Specialist Jobs

Overzealous pruning can cause irreparable damage to some trees and shrubs. With an expert to take care of your plants and trees, they will always look great and will reach their full potential.

5. In-depth Knowledge

It can be incredibly frustrating to see the plants you have purchased struggle or fail in the garden. With your own private expert to rely on you will no longer have to experience this problem because with their skills and guidance your plants will thrive and bloom.

Sometimes it is simply a case of the wrong soil type, slope angle or position. Your gardener will resolve these sorts of issues and those who are keen to learn some gardening tips can pick up a wealth of useful information along the way.

6. General Maintenance

Driveways, decking areas, paths and pergolas all require periodic maintenance to keep them looking their best. Your gardener will ensure that all of these types of jobs are taken care of, extending the lifespan of the various materials and features in your external spaces.

7. Have You Always Wanted A Kitchen Garden?

With your own expert to hand, you have a great opportunity to get a productive kitchen garden up and running. Producing your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and salads is wonderfully rewarding and you cannot get your produce any fresher or faster than direct from the soil to the table.

8. Yearning For a Neatly Manicured Lawn?

A neatly trimmed green lawn, free of any weeds or bald patches is not easy to achieve. Handing this task over to a professional guarantees perfection and before you know it you will have a beautifully striped, immaculate lawn much to the envy of your neighbours!

9. Safety Issues

The arrival of a new baby or the introduction of a furry friend may mean that alterations need to be made for their safety.

Swimming pools and ponds are obvious hazards that would need to be considered but you may have other issues such as poisonous plants or areas you wish to either contain or cordon off. Your gardener can help you to tackle all of these ensuring that the garden is safe for you all to enjoy.

10. A Complete Garden Makeover

You may decide to give your garden a complete overhaul at some point, to update and refresh your outside space. The opportunity to start from scratch is an exciting proposition and with expert input from your gardener, you can create your dream garden.

Eden Are Here To Help

Here at Eden Private Staff we can find our clients the best gardeners available on temporary, seasonal, full or part time basis, for properties in the UK and overseas. Alternatively, you may wish to consider employing a Gardening Couple, or a Gardening and Housekeeping Couple – details of these are available on our website.

July 6, 2015

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