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10 Reason to hire a Chauffeur

For the majority of us, the concept of hiring a professional driver has never even entered our heads. I guess the majority of us would assume that it’s too expensive to employ someone, either full or part-time, just to drive us around when we can generally do that for ourselves. Conversely, absolutely the opposite could be true; it could turn out that your chauffeur is actually the most cost-effective employee on your team.

The old adage, ‘Time is money’ has never been more true than it is in the modern world. Life can be frantic and every delay, however small, is eating into your income and quality of life. If you could only snatch back a few hours every week think how much simpler and less stressful life would be. I can give you 10 good reasons why hiring a chauffeur could be a perfect solution for you…

  1. Obviously the primary role of a chauffeur is to drive you. However, they would also take over all aspects of the care and maintenance of your vehicle. No more booking the valet company or organising services etc. Your car will remain clean and presentable and in tip-top mechanical order at all times.
  1. Driving can be unbelievably time consuming, but with your own chauffeur, you get all of those precious hours back. Maximise your travelling time by making phone calls, checking your email and keeping your finger on the pulse in general, whilst your driver transports you from A to B. 
  1. Imagine a world with no parking issues! I couldn’t even begin to count how many precious hours have been spent circling endlessly whilst waiting for any small space to become available. No parking tickets because the meter ran out and no arriving out of breath because you had a ten minute hike from the nearest car park.
  1. Your chauffeur will take responsibility for logistics by planning the most appropriate routes to get you where you need to be, taking the time of day, weather and any potential issues on route into consideration.  More time saved not having to consult google maps or taking a wrong turning.
  1. Relax in the knowledge that you will always arrive on time to your appointments and meetings. Your driver will always ensure that you are on time for flights and will pick you up and get you home at the end of the busy day when you are just too exhausted to drive. In fact you could even have a nap during the journey.
  1. Driving can be frustrating, stressful and even dangerous in occasion. With your driver at the wheel you can relax and expect to arrive at your destination stress free, relaxed and ready for your working day.
  1. Many business occasions involve working lunches or dinners and these occasions often involve alcohol. Relax knowing that by the end of the day your driver will arrive and whisk you home safely without any concerns about being over the limit. You can even enjoy the pleasure of a night out with friends without the concern of who will be the designated driver.
  1. Not having to do the driving will free you up to hold meetings or briefings with business associates whilst travelling to and from meetings, either by conference call or in person, and allow you to arrive at your next destination fully prepared and relaxed. Your driver will also be available to collect your associates and deliver them to you thus saving them precious working time too.
  1. Your chauffeur can assist with many duties over and beyond actual driving. These could include general errands, PA tasks or even the school run. Imagine how much more secure you will feel knowing that you have someone to pick up the slack and even take care of your family for you.   A professional chauffeur will be your constant travelling companion and will often become your right hand man/woman.
  1. Maybe having a chauffeur will lead to you having more fun. Concentrating on driving can be exhausting and stressful, particularly on long journeys. Handing that responsibility over will leave you free to relax, take in the scenery and enjoy your companions, making the experience of travelling far more pleasurable.

So there you have it, ten great reasons to hire a chauffeur. Employing a flexible and professional individual, who is able to undertake a wide range of duties, will save you endless wasted hours and enable you to use your time more productively. At the end of the day, hiring a reliable chauffeur will certainly enable you to become a more efficient and professional individual with a less stressful life.

March 13, 2017

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