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11 Cost Effective Ways To Boost Your Home Security

Maintaining a high level of home security is important, but whilst installing a high-tech security system in your home may be the most effective way to safeguard your family, there are many other cost effective ways to boost your home security and keep your home and possessions safe.

Tip #1 Install a basic alarm system

The cost of alarm systems has rapidly declined over recent years and it is now possible to purchase a basic, wireless DIY security system online at a surprisingly low cost. They usually include a basic keypad and some door motion sensors. You can also purchase window motion sensors for these security devices. These kinds of systems may not halt sophisticated burglars in their tracks; they will however prevent the vast majority of break-ins.

Tip #2 Install curtains throughout your home
Most burglars will “case” a home before breaking into it. They will look through your windows to assess the types of the items you have, the location of any security alarms, and assess the number of people who live in the home.

You can easily prevent a criminal from casing your home by installing curtains or blinds. Simply close the curtains or blinds when you go to bed and whenever the property is vacant. This simple habit can deter burglars from attempting to break in.

Tip #3 Convey the impression of a high level of security
Instead of purchasing a high-end CCTV system; you could consider buying a fake one!

A fake CCTV camera can act as a strong criminal deterrent and will set you back as little as £8. You can also purchase security stickers for windows and signs for your gates that suggest that you have security measures in place.

Another trick is to put up a sign suggesting that there is a guard dog on the premises. If you are trying to fool criminals into believing you have a dog, leave out a water bowl and other ‘evidence’ indicating the presence of a ferocious guard dog.

Tip #4 Use deadbolts on your doors
The majority of intruders gain access to properties via the front or back door. Thankfully, it is very simple to beef up security at these two entrance points by adding great quality deadbolt locks.

Tip #5 Purchase a safe

A great quality safe can be purchased for as little as £55.00. They are perfect for storing small, expensive valuables like jewellery, watches and cash safely. In most cases, a burglar will take whatever valuables are lying around, such as cash, laptops, and phones.

Tip #6 Use plants to your advantage
Many security experts say you should avoid planting large shrubs close to your home because they can give criminals a place to hide while they are casing the property. If you do decide to plant hedges near you home, consider using plants that have spikes!

Tip #7 Secure sliding doors and windows
In addition to locking your sliding doors and windows, you can use objects to prevent them from being opened at all. Old curtain rods and long timber dowels are very cost-effective options for preventing a sliding door or window from being pushed open.

Tip #8 Secure your garage
Many burglars gain access to a home via a garage door. Homeowners frequently leave their garage open or forget to lock it. Once inside the garage, the burglar can easily gain access through internal doors to the rest of your home. Get into the habit of locking the garage and consider installing a garage door timer that will automatically close the door if it is ever left open by mistake.

Tip #9 Become friendly with your neighbours

A friendly neighbour who is keeping an eye on your property is a very cost effective form of home security! Talk to your neighbours and get to know them. Once you have established that they are trustworthy, tell them when you will be away from home and ask them to keep an eye on your property.

Tip #10 Ask the police for advice
Your local police department may be willing to send an officer to your home for a brief security audit. They will walk through the home pointing out any problems with your security measures and offer useful advice to help you to improve your security.

Tip #11 Make your home look occupied

If you are going to be away from your home for an extended period, have someone collect your mail and maintain the gardening. Criminals target homes that look empty because there is substantially less risk of being caught. Spotting a home that has mail piling up and an unkempt lawn could attract the wrong attention.

Timers that will turn on radios and televisions are a great way to give the illusion that a home is occupied.

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There are many cost effective ways to boost your home security and keep your home and possessions safe. We share some common sense tips and great advice in our latest blog…

July 12, 2016

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