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Employing a Maternity Nurse Privately – A Tale of Caution!

Many families across the UK and worldwide decide that privately sourcing a Maternity Nurse or other members of staff is the best option for them.  This can of course be done, but we would like to advise a word of caution.

Due to the widespread accessibility of the internet, the number of fake profiles is now estimated to be in the millions. There are few to none at all security measures in place across these public websites that  vet the suitability of those claiming to be childcare professionals. With rising public awareness of paedophiles and paedophilia syndicates, every precaution must be taken to ensure that the person coming into your home to care for your baby, is of the highest quality.

At Eden Maternity, we discuss  at length our clients requirements for their Maternity Nurse, Night Nanny or Daily Maternity Nurse and often the subject of previous experiences come up. The number of clients who turn to us for advice and support after a bad experience online is greater than expected. Fake profiles, fabricated references, no permission to work in the UK and unclear criminal records checks are just some of the reasons that clients turn to us for support, time and time again.

Sourcing your staff through an agency such as Eden means that you are only considering carefully chosen candidates of the highest quality, offering varying levels of experience to meet the varying needs of our clients. All of our Maternity Nurses are met in person by a member of the Maternity Team, after being carefully selected and invited to register. Once interviewed, their registration is only complete once we have 90% of their references checked to our satisfaction, clear criminal records checks done and current first aid training in place. Only then will they be considered suitable for our clients. We put the highest value on to what we do and the service we provide.

Working through and with an agency also means that your privacy is protected. Your phone numbers, email  and residential addresses are kept strictly confidential and are not disclosed to potential candidates. Interviews are conducted on your own terms, either via telephone, Skype or in person, at a location of your choosing. Once you have found your perfect Maternity Nurse, you have the reassurance of knowing that although the references have already been verified by us, in addition you can speak to previous employers and have an invaluable parent-to-parent conversation.

Our support however, does not end there. Once your Maternity Nurse has started, you have the reassurance of Eden’s support throughout the booking. If unforeseen problems arise, such as your booked Maternity Nurse falling ill unexpectedly, it is Eden’s policy to replace that candidate to ensure that you have the assistance you need in those first crucial weeks and months of your baby’s life.

Working with Eden is your best insurance policy for knowing that you will have high quality care for your baby and support for the unexpected.  When it comes to the safety of your child, nothing  less will suffice.

October 24, 2014

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