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Smoothies Are A Great Solution For A Fast Breakfast!

In a busy household, getting the children up, ready and out of the house on time in the mornings can be a real struggle at the best of times, often leaving very little time to make sure that everyone sits down to a nutritionally balanced breakfast before leaving home.

Smoothies are the perfect choice for breakfast, because you can pack them with plenty of goodness by combining fruit, vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with the right choice of ingredients and a great smoothie, the whole family will feel full and have plenty of energy to keep them going until lunchtime.

Pressed For Time?

If you are a time pressed parent or nanny, who is struggling to find enough time for a decent breakfast each morning, we have the perfect solution for you, which is to arm yourself with a decent personal blender, then acquaint yourself with a delicious selection of child friendly, breakfast smoothie recipes!

Personal blenders are easy and convenient to use for several reasons, but essentially because with this neat little gadget, you simply place your ingredients in your bottle, attach it to the base to blend for a minute or so, then detach, screw on your lid and you are good to go!

Choosing A Personal Blender

The chances are that your household already owns a Nutribullet, following their record success last year that saw the entire nation whizzing up healthy concoctions to go. However, whilst this particular brand has established itself as a leading name in the personal blender industry, there are many other makes and models on the market so they are far from being your only option.

Many models come with more than one bottle, and different colour options for the lids give you an opportunity to colour code for each family member, which is incredibly handy.

Look out for models with a high wattage and durable blades that will fly through frozen fruits, vegetables and ice, leaving you with a lump free smoothie. A good selection of portable cups will also make life even more convenient.

Shop around and take care to read reviews on the products you are considering prior to committing to a purchase. Always make sure you have plenty of bottles and lids so that the whole family have their own!

Catering For Different Dietary Requirements Is A Breeze

With the traditional jug blenders, you knock up one large batch of smoothie for the whole family, but with a personal blender, each bottle is made up individually, allowing for different dietary needs and preferences, with zero hassle and no risk of contamination.

One child may consume dairy and nuts, another may suffer an intolerance to key ingredients, but with a personal blender this is never an issue and slightly older children will love getting involved with making their own combinations and helping to make the breakfast smoothies. This involvement can have a positive impact on a difficult or fussy eater, as most children are far more likely to consume foods and drinks that they have made independently.

Explore Different Recipe Ideas & Create Some Of Your Very Own

Search online for great recipe ideas, invest in a good book or simply experiment and create your own combinations! Children will love getting involved with new creations and will have great fun logging their own recipes and coming up with creative names for their favourites.

One of the great things about making smoothies for kids, is the opportunity to incorporate extra vegetables, (without them noticing if you wish to sneak them in), due to the fact that you can disguise and offset their flavours so easily with the sweetness of fruits and other ingredients. Citrus fruits and pineapple are fantastic fruits to marry with vegetables and create delicious complimentary flavours.

Visual appeal is often the key with children and green tends to be a colour that is often regarded with great suspicion, sometimes contempt! With this in mind, use ingredients like berries and beetroot for an invaluable pop of lush colour and always blend thoroughly to ensure the perfect smoothie texture!

No Limits – Experiment & Enjoy

Once you have joined the smoothie revolution, the chances are you will never look back. There are endless combinations to try and you will only ever be limited by your imagination. In addition to all of the fruits and vegetables you love, try experimenting with nut butters, nuts, seeds, herbs, coconut oil, granola, oats, water, milk, lactose free milks, juice, dried fruits and anything else that takes your fancy.

Your breakfasts will never be boring with a nutrition packed smoothie and there is absolutely no excuse for skipping this all-important meal now that you are in the know!

April 15, 2016

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