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Our very own netball team!

“And so concludes Eden’s first social netball season!

In an effort to build teamwork and fitness, Amy ‘Captain’ Lindsay turned her recruitment skills and used chocolate bribes to establish Eden’s inaugural netball team.  Dusting off our court shoes and (regrettably) cutting our nails, we turned up for our first game to absolutely obliterate the opposition who we quickly realised was largely made up of first timers and future wooden spooners.

After a short-lived burst of confidence, Eden has had some highs and some lows over the first season which we have relabelled ‘The Practice Season.’  Over our first few games we encountered some exceptionally experienced teams and battled some more evenly-matched.  Focusing not on the score, but on personal improvement and good sportsmanship, we have managed to cement a solid team.  Faye ‘Fireball’ Whitehead found her calling in the defence line as an outlet for a tough day in the office.  Our mid court punished other teams with speed from Polly ‘Pocket Rocket’ Lambert and an uncompromising game face from Victoria ‘Tear Inducing’ Agnew.  Despite a strong dislike for late games, Chrissy ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Bree ‘Loudmouth’ Christensen always turned up adding some much needed height and humour.  Sticking it to the umpires, Natalie ‘Hotshot’ Mounter overcame all bias to score some fantastic goals and provide crucial mid-court support.  A special mention must be made to Tessa ‘The Permanent Fill-in’ Crompton-Smith-Strzelecki who has played all-but-one game and absolutely owned the goal circle.  And last but not definitely not least, our ‘Token Nanny’ Issy who rode out every week to represent our bread and butter.

As we prepare for the semi’s next week, we are putting the near-misses of our first season behind us and getting pumped for a rip-roaring second season!  With renewed commitment, we’re setting our sights high for a top 4 finish  – so stay tuned for updates!

July 26, 2016

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