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Host A New Years Eve Party To Remember!

New Years Eve has to be one of the most exciting nights of the year, and what better way to see in the New Year than to surround yourself with your favourite people for a great party! Planning a party for such an important date in the social calendar is an exciting, albeit a little daunting experience. Below we have compiled a shortlist of our favourite ideas for hosting a New Years Eve party that will be recalled fondly by all guests, for many years to come!

Celebrate With A Large Dose Of Nostalgia

The eve of a brand New Year is rife with nostalgia and reflection, so why not go whole hog and host a nostalgic ‘decade party’, encouraging your guests to arrive in an outfit that best reflects their all time favourite era. Who knows what gems will be dusted off and brought out of the wardrobe to make their debut appearance at your party? One thing is certain, you will be amazed at the way these funky outfits help to bring out the party spirit in your guests!

This is a classic theme for a New Years Eve party as it leaves so much room for expression and creativity in all aspects of the event from the dress code to the catering, decorations and games. Be sure to serve up an eclectic selection of fun retro food to reflect your own favourite decade, paying homage to your foodie memories from years gone by.

Add (Lots Of) Glitter

Jazz up your seasonal party with glitter, a fun and cost effective medium that is bang on trend right now and so easy to access and use.

Gold or silver are the most obvious choice to tie in with any colour scheme adding a beautiful aesthetic, but there is nothing to stop you seeking out some colourful alternatives if you prefer a bolder and more dramatic look. Combining glitter with low lighting enables you to create a glamorous environment for your party; simply sprinkle glitter around your flat surfaces and seasonal decorations, for an eye-catching effect.

If the idea of sparkle appeals to your senses, keep in mind that you can also purchase edible glitter, to extend this effect to your food and beverages. Try mixing a little edible glitter into some champagne for your midnight toast, or sprinkle it onto treats and deserts, creating a very special and magical effect.

Compete For The Best Cocktail Award

Everyone has their own favourite cocktail and anyone can get involved in a cocktail competition because anyone can enjoy a non-alcoholic cocktail. A festively decorated cocktail bar provides you with an excellent focal point for your party. Ask each guest to bring along the ingredients for their competition entry and set up a voting system for guests to vote for the best cocktail of the evening.

Announce the winner immediately after the countdown to midnight and have a fun prize ready to award the lucky winner!

Set Up A Designated Photo Station

What better way to record the fun memories of the evening than with photographs. Setting up a photo station, complete with themed background, encourages guests to take fun snaps throughout the evening, documenting the party as it unfolds.

Include a tripod and selfie stick and be sure to have a box of fun props to hand, to guarantee the most entertaining images possible. Create an album to share with your guests in the New Year, so that everyone can have a giggle at the captured snapshots of the party, reliving the great time that was had by all!

December 29, 2016

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