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Preparing For The Arrival Of Twins

When you are pregnant with twins, there is a great deal to prepare for before your babies arrive as once they do, you are certainly going to have your hands full!

Our useful checklist will help you to get organised and ready for this exciting arrival…

Childbirth Classes For Multiples

Twins are frequently born slightly earlier than singleton babies so it is important to attend a suitable childbirth class early on in your pregnancy, giving you time to complete your classes and feel prepared. Rather than attending a traditional class, it is well worth seeking out a class that is geared specifically towards multiple births, as these classes are likely to be far more informative for you with your own pregnancy and birth.

Naming Your Babies

Naming a child is such a huge responsibility, after all our names are used to identify us for life. (No pressure!) So, when you are pregnant with twins it can be double trouble coming up with two sets of names that you can both agree on, making this a sensible task to tackle early on.

The main issue with naming twins is that you need to consider how these names complement each other as a set, then of course, you have to work out which child gets which name, or names following the birth. Common approaches are to choose first names with shared initial or rhyming names; however, another popular approach is to choose names that contrast each other, promoting the individuality of your children.

Prepare Older Siblings

If you already have an older child or children, the arrival of your twin babies is of course going to have a huge impact on life, as they know it. The best way to ease them into this transition is to begin to mentally prepare them as soon as you find out that you are pregnant with twins, by explaining exactly what is happening and letting them know that although your family is going to change, they will always be loved just the same.

Books relating to the subject of new babies can be a great way to introduce young children to the idea of being a big brother or sister and help them to understand what is happening. Include your children as much as possible in the planning and preparation for the new arrivals and take them along with you when you go for your scans. The more included they are, the more positive they will feel, and as a result, the smoother the transition is likely to be.

Get Well Stocked Up With Nappies

One thing is for sure when you have twins – you are going to get through a huge quantity of nappies!

Stocking up on nappies early on is a shrewd move and you may wish to consider the use of cloth nappies in addition to, or exclusively as an alternative to disposable nappies. Families who are keen to minimise the impact of their waste on the environment tend to opt for cloth nappies which are more in tune with their green ethos, however convenience and cost are important considerations too and for many, a combination of both types is the best fit.

Choosing A Double Pushchair To Suit Your Lifestyle

Once you are ready to get out and about with your twins you will need a practical double pushchair on hand. This is a crucial piece of equipment and ideally, you will want to have this chosen and ready to roll long before your twinnies make an appearance!

The wrong stroller will make it a logistical nightmare to get out of the house, so take your time to consider which style would best meet your needs in terms of your lifestyle and shopping habits.

You may wish to order online but it is wise to go into some stores to give some models a test run before you commit. See what feels most comfortable for you and read plenty of reviews from other parents before making a decision.

Help & Support

You may or may not feel that you have enough extra hands on standby to help you get through the first few weeks and months with your twin babies. This is an important point to consider, as it is essential that you have enough support around you, making sure that you are able to look after yourself and your family and avoid exhaustion. Start thinking about the type of help that would be most beneficial for you and your family, for example, assistance with meals, housekeeping or childcare and get some firm arrangements in place long before your new babies arrive.

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