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A Private Personal Assistant can significantly increase the efficiency of your business, so why not let Eden meet your expectations and find the right candidate for you?

  1. Stepping up

Today’s multi-tasking PA’s handle large budgets on behalf of their employer, managing teams and projects, and standing in for their employer at meetings when necessary. We have a number of candidates ready for this level of duty.

  1. What duties is a PA responsible for?

Duties include attending business meetings, organising events, office management, keeping travel and diary schedules, dealing with company HR, plus managing private property portfolios and personal finance.

  1. A pro-active not reactive role

You want your Personal Assistant or PA to obviously oversee the duties that he or she is responsible for, but also carry out their role as a pro-active member of the business. The administrative side of the role is of course crucial as any effective PA is always extremely well versed in business correspondence and telephone correspondence, diary management and more.

  1. It’s a trust thing

Professionalism and the ability to be discrete at all times is a fundamental element of this role as PA’s are entrusted with all kinds of sensitive information relating to their employer. At Eden, we pride ourselves on the intense background checks we carry out, providing only the most professional candidates.

  1. Can the duties of a PA overlap with domestic life?

Private PAs can be required to also attend meetings and organise events that are family-focused.

  1. How are PA’s available?

On a full or part-time, temporary or permanent basis, as well as ‘virtually’ – working from home to deliver a first class service wherever you are.

  1. Can a PA role be blurred with another role?

Yes, and include Nanny PA, Household PA, Domestic Couple and PA.

We are always happy to discuss roles and specifications for Personal Assistant jobs. To speak to one of the team please call Eden on: +44 (0)207 471 6000 Please speak to either Mark or Alex in the first instance or speak to any member of the Private Household Staff Team

June 25, 2018

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