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Spend Quality Time with Family

With everyone having busy schedules, spending time together as a family can feel like an almost impossible feat. Sometimes it seems that the only way to connect with even close family members is via Messenger or WhatsApp.

Yet it’s a proven fact that there are huge health benefits to be gained from spending quality time with those you love. If you are concerned that you are spending less and less time enjoying your family life, then it’s time to take a few simple steps now.

Make time for your spouse

Although your spouse is probably the most important person in your life, busy family or work life may lead to you feeling like ships passing in the night. Make time to reach out even in tiny simple ways:

  • Send the occasional message during the day just to reassure your spouse that you are thinking about them even though you are busy.
  • Turn your mobiles off when you are spending time together. You should be aiming to pay attention to each other – not funny videos on social media.
  • Aim to spend at least one mealtime every day eating together. Don’t slouch on the couch watching TV, eat at the table and actually talk to each other.
  • However cheesy it may seem, schedule a date night regularly. Book a babysitter and get out together to enjoy yourselves and rekindle the pre-child
  • If your weekends are usually filled with household chores, find tasks you can do together. Talking whilst you work will make the time pass more quickly and you can both catch up on recent news and events.

Spend quality time with your children

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a day out to spend quality time with your kids:

  • Sit down to dinner together regularly. Discuss their hobbies, school life, sports and upcoming events. Make your children feel important and connected to you.
  • Schedule Movie nights – gather the snacks, the blankets and the favourite films and relax. Or spend the evening playing all your favourite board games – having fun together is the best way to keep your kids happy.
  • Head to the park, the beach or a local forest for a nice long walk. Take a ball and play a few games or invent some games involving local wildlife.
  • If you have young children take the time out to read stories or sing songs together. You can never get their childhood back so make the most of every single moment.
  • Keep communications open with your teens – puberty can be an emotional rollercoaster for both parent and child but the journey will be far easier if you maintain openness.

Parents and Grandparents

It can be difficult for our parents or grandparents to tell us if they are feeling neglected. They know we are busy with work and family life but they deserve a little effort.

  • Call them regularly to update them on your family news and activities.
  • Schedule a family meal together at least every couple of weeks.
  • Introduce them to Skype if you don’t live close by – video calls are fun and a great chance to catch them up with your kid’s hectic lives too.
  • Set up a group chat on Messenger or WhatsApp so that everyone can contribute to the conversations.

Older Siblings and/or Aunts and Uncles

  • Utilise Messenger, WhatsApp, Messenger and whichever other social media tools help you to maintain contact with the wider family group.
  • Organise a family get together periodically – work it so that everyone contributes a little something to the table and rotate the venue to make sure that everyone takes a turn at hosting.

Spending time with family is important because each member will feel important and connected to the other. The benefits that your children will reap from having older relatives playing an important role in their lives will be huge and equally the older generation will feel valued, loved and respected.

One of the nicest ways to spend quality family time together is to forego all the usual Christmas and birthday presents and use the funds to gift each other some valuable quality time. Have a big family get together or mini break and take the time out to chat, laugh, cry and celebrate life!

June 12, 2018

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