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Five Characteristics Of An Excellent Private Chef

Providing that which is a most basic need and a highest pleasure is a noble profession indeed! As a private chef you will aspire to excellence in a busy and varied role. You will develop a relationship with the household employing you and hope to establish an outstanding reputation for elegantly delivering delectable dining experiences for all manner of functions. To pull off such a feat it is important to establish several self-disciplines from day one. With these key concepts in mind you are sure to succeed:


Communication and Observation

Your goal is to satisfy and delight your clients so establishing their needs and desires is crucial. Communicate in a timely manner to keep track of the dining schedule ahead of you and keep an accurate, detailed calendar and notes on everything from preferences of dishes, likes and dislikes, intolerances, allergies and special dietary requirements. Observe how the food you prepare is received and constantly adjust and hone preferences while keeping your menu innovative and exciting.


Etiquette and Manner

Once you have an idea of what’s on the menu, turn your attention to making sure your professionalism shines whether interacting with your employer, their friends, family, colleagues or associates. Working within the home of a client is an intimate experience that requires trust and boundaries. Ensure your presence is a positive one by cultivating a friendly but unobtrusive manner and being intuitive as to the needs of your employer. They may wish to be quite involved in what goes on in the kitchen or may wish for this area to be completely lifted from their focus as they spend their energy elsewhere. Adjust your tone to the formality of the environment around you and tune in to when your presence is appreciated and when it is best to discreetly merge into the background. With a breadth of services to fulfil, from casual home dining to formal events and social occasions, ensure your knowledge of serving etiquettes is up to date and on point.


Flexible and Diligent

As a private chef you will experience a varied working schedule. You may find that the plans of your clients change; sometimes they might be away, they may require your services late at night or need you to throw something together at short notice. Make meeting these needs easy by staying organised and stocked, and respectfully maintaining the space and equipment you use. Diligently maintain your budgets and record preferred suppliers to avoid hunting to source what you need. Develop strong strategies for ingredient purchasing, preparation, hygiene and clean down. This routine will be paramount as you strive to manifest the freshest, most vibrant culinary creations.


Finger On The Pulse

Your clients may well enjoy dining at a range of interesting restaurants and, with your dedication; they can revel in their home dining experience being just as thrilling. Stay abreast of current dining fashions and techniques. In this way, your kitchen adventures will be just as stimulating as their dining ones as you learn new skills and add to your range of specialities. As each client is different you will have to strike a responsive balance between reliably serving exactly what they want and facilitating any new experiences. This is the mark of a true professional.


Outside Of The Box

Your clients should feel secure in your style of food preparation, but you can also use a little creativity to increase the value of your position in their household. Perhaps your client may wish to learn unusual cooking techniques – lessons from an outstanding private chef within the home can be an exhilarating experience! This can also serve as a fantastic tool to teach children about ingredients, nutrition and cultures from around the world. Your clients may be interested in developing a kitchen garden or raising poultry. A private chef can contribute greatly to steering such projects to maximise the usefulness of such a resource. As you cultivate that prized quality of intuition you will develop a sense of what type of role you should play and will discover the scope of what you can offer. Striving to be open to new ideas will make your job so much more rewarding and leave your employers grateful for how much richer their lives are thanks to their fantastic private chef!

December 18, 2018

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