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Book A Nanny To Watch The Kids This Valentine’s Day

As parents, at this point of the year, we are usually dusting ourselves off having just clambered out of the post-chaos haze that follows having surviving the holidays. From Halloween to Christmas to New Year, the winter holiday season can feel a bit like a pendulum, swinging us from one manic moment to another, brimming with cooking, costumes, gift buying and general madness! Sharing these moments with our treasured little people is utterly magical, but on the flip side, it can also be exhausting. It is so easy to lose ourselves in the process of creating the wonder and great memories for them!

So now, as we find our rhythm for the year ahead and settle back into our normal routine of work and parenting, we realise with perhaps some trepidation that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So with this in mind, here is an idea for you. Perhaps rather than taking another plunge into kid-centric holiday chaos, why not consider bringing in the cavalry instead and claiming this one as something for the grownups?


Recognising The Value In This Celebration

Valentine’s Day might seem like a modern commercial holiday, but its roots are far-reaching, in mythology from around the world. The most dominating myth tells the story of Saint Valentine of Rome who performed unions for Soldiers who were forbidden from marrying. The date began to take on its current meaning way back in the middle of the last century in the courts of England. Over the years it grew and evolved via love letters, flowers and chocolates into the widely celebrated day we know now. As adults, we often dismiss the value of such celebrations for ourselves, but there’s something to be said for having an excuse to indulge in taking some “us” time and to focus on reconnecting with our nearest and dearest. After all, it is the rituals of affection that keep relationships strong and happy in the long haul.


Planning Ahead

Of course, if your kids are in school, Valentine’s Day will likely mean certain rituals for them too. Whether it’s agonising over an anonymous note for a crush, baking fifty million heart-shaped cupcakes to share in class, or painstakingly covering your kitchen table with glitter glue as they make cards to share with their classmates.

In preparation, make your plan of attack. You might want to get ahead of the game by delegating glue gun duties to an enthusiastic Nanny who can help your kids create their masterpieces. In the meantime, you can get excited deciding what you and your partner would most enjoy doing together to celebrate what you mean to each other. You might want to go out for a romantic dinner or pick a special activity that you wouldn’t normally indulge in. Perhaps you aren’t the wine and dine type of couple and what you’d really like to do is take the day to go hiking to your favourite mountain spot in the cool crisp February air.

Whatever you choose, know that sometimes it is really important to prioritise ourselves. It also means we can set an example to our kids of what a strong relationship looks like, which is a great lesson to share. This is a time when your children might start grappling with their own take on romance, (even if it is primarily driven by a sugar rush from too many candy hearts!)


Book Your Nanny!

With your Nanny organised in advance, you can mark this special day in your own special way, using the opportunity to enjoy doing something different together. You will feel recharged and reconnected afterwards, and ready to get back in the swing of things. After all, the next step after Valentines is welcoming the arrival of spring, longer days and a bright year ahead.

February 1, 2019

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