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Staying Energised As A Nanny

Being a great Nanny takes a certain kind of spirit. In addition to loving children, you are dedicated to their well being, flexible to their family’s needs, and possess a saintly level of patience! We want to do our absolute best for our employers and the children in our care, but from time to time, it can be a struggle to achieve a balance between giving our best and feeling a little burned out. It is in these moments that we must remember that without self-care, we cannot be fully equipped to care for others.


In that sentiment, read on as we explore some achievable practices that will help to keep your batteries fully charged!


Take Some You Time

Working as a Nanny can mean very long days and few chances to take a breather. Sometimes parents get caught up at work, stuck in traffic or suffer public transport delays, and while we expect this to happen sometimes, it can mean that an already substantial shift becomes a childcare marathon! For this reason, it is important that we grasp the opportunity to take a break when we can and establish some downtime within the routines of the children. So, if the kids take a nap to give yourself permission to sit down for ten minutes and have a cup of tea rather than carrying on with chores. Enforce thirty minutes of quiet time between activities when the youngsters play on their own, tidy their room or focus on their homework. In short, allow yourself to rest at reasonable intervals so you can put 100% into your work the rest of the time.


Create Balance In Your Life

There is great logic to be found in the old adage of “work-life balance.” When we are dedicated to our work this balance can sometimes get a bit skewed, so take a moment to reflect on your own personal well-being and how that sits on the scales! Have a think about what activities outside of work fulfil you, and whether you are managing to prioritise time to do them or whether they have slipped right out of your schedule. Perhaps you like going to the gym, reading, going to exhibitions or spending time with your friends. Whatever activities give you a strong sense of “you”, be strict in allocating time for them each week It might seem self-indulgent but even our smallest passions are the foundations of our most accomplished self.


Give Your Achy Body Some Attention

Being on our feet all day, picking up after children, (or picking up the children themselves), can leave us feeling stiff and sore. If your body feels tired by mid-week it is a sign that you need to take a little extra care of yourself. Consider treating yourself to a massage once a month, or commit to yoga or Pilates classes to stretch those aches away whilst sculpting some strength and resilience. It is important to prioritise having practical and supportive shoes for work as poor choices in footwear can lead to all sorts of body niggles. Even little things like unwinding in a hot bath or pampering ourselves in some way in the evening can leave us feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated.


Poor nutrition will quickly take its toll on your energy levels and lead you into a vicious cycle of quick-fix mistakes.


Invest In Solid Nutrition

When running around after kids all day both parents and carers can develop some pretty suspect habits, such as skipping meals, subsiding on too many cups of coffee, or hitting the junk food for the false sustenance of a sugar high. Poor nutrition will quickly take its toll on your energy levels and lead you into a vicious cycle of quick-fix mistakes. On the flip side, choosing to invest in ensuring we eat balanced, healthful meals at regular intervals and stay properly hydrated will give us far more get-up-and-go.

Cultivate A Sleep Ritual

Sometimes our sleep is compromised because we have a lot on our mind, or at times because we simply do not allow for sufficient hours on the pillow for the shut-eye our body requires. Try to establish a regular window of sleep, as far as your routine will allow, and give yourself half an hour longer in bed than you usually would where possible. Find a sleep ritual that suits you, such as taking the time for a big cup of calming herbal tea at the end of the evening, spraying some lavender oil on your pillow, and stashing screened devices away half an hour before you plan on turning in. Creating some ritual practices will help you to train your brain that it can shut down and achieve the deep, high-quality sleep that will result in a fresh you in the morning!


Set Boundaries To Ensure You Can Be Your Best

Whenever we overstretch ourselves, we run the risk of setting false expectations for our employers and creating an unpleasant treadmill vibe for ourselves. Try to be mindful of what you can realistically manage, and how you can make your work as sustainable as possible. Have an honest and friendly conversation with your employers so you all know where you stand in terms of breaks, hours expected and holidays. If you ever feel that their expectations are too high, address this in a proactive and timely way before any resentment can begin to build. Communicating openly will create a strong working relationship, and allow you to present your most energised self; being the wonderful Nanny that they wouldn’t be without!

March 1, 2019

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