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The Advantages Of Hiring A Domestic Couple

The demand for excellent Domestic Couples is consistently high, because there are so many great benefits for employers who are able to find the right couple with the ideal combination of shared skills to fit the bill.

Domestic Couples tend to be a married couple or couples in a long-term partnership who come with a wealth of experience and great recommendations from their previous employers. Sometimes however you will come across candidates who have decided to bring their previous skills and experience as individuals together and are seeking work together as a Domestic Couple for the first time.

This is a highly flexible role; however, it is almost always a live- in arrangement.

A Cost Effective Option

With a joint salary to cover all of the roles they are employed to carry out and shared accommodation, (usually a separate or self contained unit), one of the greatest benefits of hiring a Private Domestic Couple is the fact that it is such a cost effective option. A highly skilled couple is always going to incur less expense than the option of hiring several different people to fulfil a variety of different roles

Consolidate Your Roles

The combinations of roles you can choose from when hiring a Domestic Couple is practically limitless. The most common working couple teams tend to be Estate Management Couples, House Management Couples, Hospitality management Couples and Villa management Couples, however the following role combinations are also very popular:

A Domestic Couple offers great flexibility in terms of fulfilling the requirement of the roles within your household or estate and you may be surprised at the variety of combinations that a good private staff agency will be able to offer you.

Higher Rate Of Staff Retention

Another great benefit when you hire a Private Domestic Couple, is that there is a greater likelihood that you will be able to retain your employees for a longer period. In addition to being very reliable, many employers find that their Domestic Couple are more likely to be available during seasons when other members of staff prefer to take time off. Working couples generally tend to be less active outside of work because they are already together.

A working couple are likely to want to take their time off together and they are often willing to work hours that are more unsociable in exchange for flexibility in this area, providing their employer is agreeable to this mutually beneficial arrangement.

Excellent Communication

Within the environment of a busy estate or household, communication is frequently more efficient in the presence of an experienced Domestic Couple. With two people working in sync with one another whilst sharing the responsibilities of their various roles, employers are often able to enjoy the benefit of delegating tasks to one, rather than multiple individuals. This particular advantage saves a huge amount of time and somehow makes it feel far easier and more convenient to manage a group of staff.

Working in Multiple Locations

Many Domestic Couples are happy to work in different locations throughout the year, taking care of different properties on behalf of their employer. This can be of great benefit to an employer who owns properties in several different locations both within the UK and further afield.

Does This Sound like The Solution You Have Been Looking For?

If you are now wondering if a Private Domestic Couple could be the ideal solution for your home or estate, why not get in touch with us here at Eden Private staff to discuss your requirements. Let us help you to begin a successful search for an excellent, multi skilled Domestic Couple.

December 18, 2015

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