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5 Tips For Planning An Astonishingly Good Party

Planning the kind of event that turns out to be a roaring success is easy when you are armed with some great tips up your sleeve!

Simply scan through the advice below for some useful advice and inspiration to apply to the next party you host, and you can guarantee that both you and your guests will have a wonderful day making lasting memories.

#01 Create Lists – Plan Thoroughly

You are probably familiar with the saying “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Lists are an essential aspect of planning and preparing for any event, as they will help you to keep track of everything from your RSVP’s and playlist, right through to your catering and equipment. Each list will become your go to guide for each and every task you need to attend to, helping you to pull off a seamless event that is free from unexpected hitches.

When delegating tasks to others, your detailed lists will also prove to be invaluable!

#02 Identify A Central Theme To Enhance Your Event

Whatever the occasion, there is nothing like a central theme for giving your party great structure and direction. Choose a theme that fits in with the season or perhaps base it around your favourite period drama or a bright, colourful fiesta, and you will have a great foundation for choosing all of the party details including the food, props and decor that will accentuate and embellish your event.

#03 Include A Photo Station & Create Some Hilarious Memories Together

A photo station has to be the most effective way to guarantee that your event and all of your guests are recorded with a ton of fantastic images. Keep in mind that your photo station can be tailored to suit the theme of the event, by stocking it with all kinds of themed props and accessories that will encourage your guests to pucker up, strike a pose and laugh hard!

#04 Select The Perfect Venue

Your home may have the perfect layout for hosting a great party, in which case you will simply need to arrange the set up of the areas you wish your guests to congregate in, making sure that there is plenty of space and seating for everybody to feel comfortable. In warmer weather, you will probably want to extend your party space to the garden too, providing the opportunity for a little alfresco fun in the fresh air.

You could alternatively consider hiring a party venue instead and there are certainly many benefits to doing so. You may find it far easier to relax and enjoy the event when you are not in your own home and many venues will be able to assist you by arranging things like the catering, music and various activities on your behalf.

Take care to choose a venue that is well suited to the number of guests that will be attending. If it is too big or too small, the excess or lack of space could adversely affect the atmosphere.

Finally yet importantly, be sure to consider parking for all guests so that they are able to access the venue easily.

#05 Get Creative – Decorate Your Venue

There are so many options for decorating your party venue, and this will help to create a vibrant party vibe that will get your guests in the mood for some fun!

Coordinate your decor to fit in with the central theme you have chosen, and get as creative as possible with your props and decorations. Making sure that everything ties in with the theme will give your entire event a professional edge, so carefully consider your choice of catering and colour, adding detail with centrepieces, party favours, flowers, balloons, signage and lighting.

Use your imagination to brainstorm all of your initial ideas, then set about selecting the ideas you like the best and go for it!

August 30, 2016

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