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A Day in the Life of an Estate Manager

The role of a professional Estate Manager is a highly respected position within the private staff industry. This is due to the fact that Estate Managers are responsible for overseeing and contributing to the smooth running of their employer’s estate. These consummate professionals are instrumental in securing the ongoing profitability of their employer’s land and ensuring that the estate for which they are responsible is being used to the best of its potential at any given time.

Depending upon the size of the estate and the individual requirements of its employer, an Estate Manager may be responsible for supervising other members of private staff, carrying out various administrative duties, events planning, managing the budget for the estate and overseeing sports activities such as shoots. In the instances wherein an Estate Manager is responsible for the general maintenance of an agricultural estate they may even be responsible for overseeing various arable operations, supervising the care of any livestock that their employer may own or potentially liaising with external advisors, including agronomists, vets and farriery staff, as well as regulatory bodies, such as DEFRA, RPA and AVLA.

Although this broad spectrum of responsibilities demonstrates that the role of an Estate Manager can be demanding, by working diligently and refining their administrative, organisational and managements skills, many individuals have excelled within this position and secured lucrative long term careers within the private staff industry. By working as an Estate Manager you can amass a plethora of industry-exclusive expertise which will enable you to evolve from overseeing modest 200 acre local estates to being responsible for the smooth running of thousands of acres of international land that deliver multi-million pound turnovers.

This was the case for Simon; a respected Estate Manager who is affiliated with Eden Private Staff. After numerous years of honing his craft and forging a distinguished reputation as an Estate Manager, Simon is now responsible for the management and upkeep of a lavish rural estate. In fact, for the past seven years Simon has been responsible for maintaining the profitability of an extensive 4,000 acres estate as well as supervising the nine members of staff that maintain this land in an exemplary condition.

Consequently, if you have been considering pursuing a career as a professional Estate Manager then Eden Private Staff can help you. To aid you in your endeavours to broaden your estate management skills and to consolidate your knowledge of the inner machinations of the private staff industry, we have created the following guide which offers targeted information and invaluable advice from our professional Estate Manager Simon. By observing the intricate details of his daily routine and gleaning some of Simon’s exclusive estate management industry insights that he has amassed from his extensive on-the-job experience, you can discover how to pursue a career as a professional Estate Manager.

The roles & responsibilities of an Estate Manager

The day-to-day roles and responsibilities of an Estate Manager will fluctuate greatly depending upon the scale of the estate in question and the individual maintenance requirements that have been outlined by the employer. As Simon himself divulges, his role is usually “very hands-on” but recently his duties have become more office-based in order to adapt to the present administrative needs of the estate. However, as a rule, the key tasks that Simon will perform during a typical working day include; staff management, general health and safety inspections, establishing a presence which will ensure the security of the estate, and generating new and innovative ways in which to garner income from the estate. From organising shooting events and location filming to scheduling corporate events and wedding ceremonies, Simon is continuously developing and instigating new initiatives which will safeguard the ongoing profitability of the estate.

As Simon himself conveys, this wide range of duties means that, in addition to his typical 8am to 5pm working day, he will often remain on call, day and night, throughout the year, in order to ensure that the needs of the estate are always met. In fact, rather than a typical working week Simon will operate on a 12 days on, 2 days off basis to facilitate the smooth and efficient running of the estate.

On a typical working day, Simon’s first task will be to read and respond to any emails that may have been sent overnight regarding the estate. Following this quick correspondence, Simon will oversee the scheduled staff meeting which takes place every morning in the yard at 8am. During this meeting Simon will allocate the various priorities and tasks that need to be met within this particular day to the relevant members of staff. From this moment onwards, Simon will be responsible for overseeing the operations of each of these members of private staff as well as liaising with any external bodies who require access to the estate grounds or its accounts. Inevitably, certain challenges will arise whilst commanding this demanding workplace schedule. As Simon explains;

“The weather is the biggest challenge that we have to deal with”.

Whether it is snow or ice that delays the operation of important maintenance tasks, or if it begins raining on a day when the estate is due to host a wedding ceremony or outdoor event, Simon must rapidly and efficiently devise and implement effective solutions, such as setting up marquees and navigating the guests inside, in order to preserve the prestigious reputation of the estate and to ensure that the day can continue to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible despite these unavoidable complications.

Furthermore, Simon must also handle any administrative challenges that may arise with regards to managing the estate’s finances. From price fluctuations that concern the purchasing of stock and materials for the estate, to corn and crop market price fluctuations which can adversely impact the profit margins of the estate’s agricultural yield, Simon must remain focused upon devising effective short term and long term solutions that will safeguard the ongoing profitability of the estate for which he is responsible.

Estate Worker Plowing

Estate Worker Plowing

The execution of these general maintenance tasks and administrative duties will usually consume most of Simon’s time; although on occasion he will have a short break within which to return home for a quick mid-morning coffee and to walk his dogs at lunchtime. Although this schedule can be very demanding and entails a myriad of different tasks, Simon has divulged that;

The diversity of the job is the best part of the role, along with a very hands on approach to every job that’s required on the estate”.

Elaborating upon these estate management benefits, Simon also discussed the joys of working and living on a beautiful 4,000 acre estate; without having to incur the associated rates and council tax to which homeowners are subject! Although the private and business use of the estate’s exceptional vehicles and a substantial 24 days of holiday per year are also significant bonuses, Simon divulged that the aspect of his job as Estate Manager that he enjoys above all else is;

“being the master of your own destiny and the diversity of the role”.

Exclusive industry insights for aspiring Estate Managers

Throughout his illustrious career within the private staff industry, Simon has amassed a myriad of firsthand career experience which has proved pivotal in helping him to hone his craft and establish a reputation as an organised, trustworthy and efficient Estate Manager. As such, he possesses numerous exclusive industry insights which may prove beneficial for aspiring individuals who wish to carve out a career within the same profession. As Simon admits;

 “The job is very stressful, juggling an extensive list of daily tasks and the complement of staff”.

Consequently he advocates that, in order to succeed within the profession, aspiring Estate Managers need to focus upon;

“Gaining the right and relevant experience which will help to manage an extensive and diverse workforce”.

In addition to this on-the-job estate management guidance, Simon also advocates that it is important to discuss your career prospects with your family. Given the 24/7 nature of the role, if your family understand the various roles and responsibilities that you will have to undertake then their backing and support can help you to overcome any pressures or anxieties that you may feel upon entering a new household or during particularly busy periods of the year.

However, most of all, Simon advises aspiring Estate Managers to;

“Earn the job – which helps gain the respect from your team and your employer”.

Fundamentally, as Simon advises, if you work hard and can demonstrate your ability to remain calm and composed when placed under pressure, then you will be able to earn the respect of your team and your employer. In so doing, you can begin to forge a successful long term career as a professional Estate Manager.

In addition to Simon, at Eden Private Staff we collaborate with an accomplished team of temporary and permanent Estate Managers. Therefore, if you are ambitious, determined and would like to pursue a career as a professional Estate Manager then our Eden Private Staff team can help you. As a member of our private staff team, we will help you to develop a diligent and conscientious work ethic as well as matching your individual skills and attributes with a suitable estate.

For over 25 years our bespoke search consultancy service has ensured that the needs of both client and staff are met to an exceptional standard. Consequently, by collaborating with Eden Private Staff you can begin to refine your estate management skills and establish a distinguished reputation within the private staff industry. Similarly to Simon, who after seven years of working as an estate manager is now responsible for an extensive 4,000 acre estate and its staff, with the help of Eden Private Staff you can consolidate your on-the-job experience, earn relevant management accreditations and refine your administrative acumen in order to secure an enriching, long term career as a professional Estate Manager.

October 14, 2015

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