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A Perfect Christmas Stocking…For Adults!

The excitement of diving into your Christmas stocking as a child is perhaps one of the unparalleled joys many of us look back on fondly. Of course, no matter one’s age, Christmas stockings can ignite feelings of excitement given their personal nature and nostalgic connections.

So, for those of you feeling short on inspiration and in need of a bit of guidance on how to fill a well thought out and lovely stocking (with just the right emphasis on usefulness and fun) look no further!

Get creative with what your loved one may want to receive and use the basic structure below to fill out their stocking with a thoughtful array of goodies.

Remember, the stocking is a Christmas centrepiece, so treat it with consideration and have fun wrapping all those special little goodies!

For both women and men, take a look at their hobbies and interests for some originality. For example, a personalised journal, personalised pens, candles, face masks, a travel-sized jewellery/trinket box, an electronic massage device, a DIY ‘hot sauce kit’, post workout shower gels, beard oil or even a selection of organic protein bars.

  1. Something Practical: a practical gift is often the one that someone might not say they would like, but upon opening, will find it a very useful and functional gift. Never underestimate the power of a convenient tool!
  2. Something Edible: A sweet treat or snack to keep the mood lifted for Christmas day is essential in every stocking. If you feel savoury is the way forward, look for unique flavours on roasted nuts, Spanish salami, truffles, spicy jams/preserves or even some vegetable-based, patterned dry pasta (yes, rainbow farfalle really does exist!). However, if you are catering for a sweeter tooth; truffle honey, organic chocolate with raw ingredients such as goji berries, syrup cherries or classic cacao truffles are sure to be appreciated.
  3. A Novelty Gift: A novelty gift should be the star of the stocking and be the feature to remember. This doesn’t necessarily mean you concentrate all of the expense on this gift, but it should instead be something memorable and unprecedented! Perhaps a subscription to an online course (cooking or a language for instance), a ‘gin tasting session’ or ‘cocktail masterclass, the adoption of a donkey or a monogrammed phone case. Think outside the box and tailor it to personal tastes.
  4. A Fashion Accessory: Feel free to indulge in this section as much as possible. Fashion accessories will never go unappreciated and will add a touch of glamour to the stocking. For women, think quality earrings, necklaces, hats, scarves and belts. Make it special through choosing quirky colours and buy from small businesses where you often find the most striking and individual gifts. For men, perhaps a vintage card holder, personalised key rings or ties and retro sunglasses.
  5. Something To Drink: Alcohol may be the obvious choice, but herbal teas, organic brews and pressed juices are ideal for that post-Christmas detox that many of us deserve. Even so, if health conscious choices do not appeal, alcohol taster gift sets and spirit sampling assortments will make Christmas day all the merrier!


There is little doubt that a Christmas stocking is a fun and lovely way to start the day. Whatever your traditions are for the special opening (we always get everyone into the same bed and watch each other open everything and sit/lie happily amidst a pile of wrapping paper!) enjoy seeing the happiness given from your well-chosen gifts.

Wishing you season’s greetings and happy Christmas.

December 19, 2023

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