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Accessory Trends for Summer 2021

Accessories can make or break an outfit. They can elevate a simple minimalist look to a striking and bold silhouette or cinch a whole outfit together simply by complementing the textures or colours of your centrepiece clothing. An outfit without accessories is unquestionably unfinished and incomplete! These summer accessory trends are the perfect accompaniment to any formal or casual clothing look, so be sure to sample one for every occasion. Whatever your mode of fashion expression, these are accessories that can be taken at face value or adapted for all.

  1. Candy coloured bags

Bright and dazzling handbags straight out of a candy shop display window are the go-to piece for the upcoming months. Keep the bag functional – a cross body or small shoulder bag works the best – and the colour bubble-gum pink, sherbet lemon yellow, and peppermint-cream green. The most sought-after shapes are hobo or baguette bags which can stay on the shoulder all day without so much as a muscle twinge: use these bags to brighten up a more relaxed t-shirt-and-shorts look and add some general summer fun to an outfit!

  1. Silk scarves

Vibrant and colourful headscarves in all hues and patterns are a must this summer. They are so incredibly versatile and can be worn to keep your hair in place, to decorate a bag, round the neck or even as a bandana top. The splash of bright colour and bold prints will make an outfit stand out, so don’t be afraid of being too bold – there is no such thing where printed silk scarves are concerned. They are playful and fun and far more than just an accessory; when paired with staple denim or block colours, they are the cherry-on-top of any outfit.

  1. Platform sandals

Looking for some extra height and elevation without a near-broken ankle and sore feet? Look no further than platform sandals. Heels during a hot summer are sometimes far more painful than they are worth, so look to this twist on a summer essential to smooth your transition from beach to bar. Platform sandals can be elegant and classy, whilst being practical and comfortable: think supple leather and many supportive straps to keep your feet happy and outfit incredibly chic.

  1. 2000s sunglasses

No doubt you may have caught a glimpse of the Y2K revival sweeping through teen fashion. However, dressing like you are straight out of a 2000s music video is not only for those under 19. A nod to this nostalgic trend for a more mature crowd can be achieved through a pair of rectangle rimless sunglasses (with gold hardware of course). The lens colour can be up to your discretion, but subtle pink, blue or brown look particularly Y2K themed and laid-back. These are a fashionable add-on to any outfit and can be styled for maximum cool-girl appeal.

  1. Gold jewellery

You simply cannot go wrong with classic gold jewellery: you can stack up multiple necklaces, rings or bracelets and any piece of clothing is transformed into a classic look. A basic white tank top can look sleek and modern or even edgy and grunge, depending on your preference for detailing. No matter what image you are trying to portray, a pair of statement gold earrings and doubled-up necklaces will make the skin glow and your summer outfit pop.

Summer is an exciting time for fashion, so make sure to have all the on-trend accessories to take you through the season in perfect style!

August 5, 2021

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