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All Rounder

An All-Rounder role is a unique and senior position in a private household/estate. The responsibilities and duties of the position are many, as it combines a number of traditional positions into one. All Rounder candidates are flexible, practical and versatile in that they offer the client a wealth of skills ranging from general housekeeping within the household to the general maintenance of the estate/gardens/property.

The types of duties will, of course, vary in each job and are dependent upon the type of property/estate to be managed.

Eden will find the best candidate with the right skill set to suit the client.

Duties will include but are not limited to:

  • Security of the property
  • Household maintenance tasks
  • Working with a Housekeeper to ensure the home is clean & tidy
  • Driving e.g. airport runs, school run, errands
  • Car cleaning
  • Collecting morning newspapers
  • General household errands eg local shopping, post letters
  • Laying table, clearing up after meals (dishwasher etc)
  • Silver polishing
  • Shoe cleaning
  • Light household (inside and outside) duties– eg change lightbulbs/fuses, put out recycling/bins etc
  • Pet care
  • Fireplace – clearing and laying of fire, collecting logs
  • Assist with heavy items eg luggage, deliveries etc
  • Help in the kitchen with food preparation
  • Fruit/vegetable picking from the garden
  • Gardening
  • Organise contractors
  • Assist with general housekeeping

Please contact the team if you would like more information and advice on employing an ‘All Rounder ‘.