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Becoming A Father For The First Time

The build up to the arrival of your first child is an exciting and somewhat nerve-racking time for first time dads.

You can prepare for some aspects of parenthood in the months before your new baby arrives, through reading and talking to other parents, but in reality, like all other parents, most of the crucial things you need to know, will be learned on the job. It is impossible to prepare yourself for the incredible things you are going to experience firsthand as a new dad.


All parents-to-be expect life to change in terms of sleepless nights, greater responsibility and the reduced opportunity to socialise in the short term, but the rush of emotion and sheer joy that can hit you the moment you set eyes on your firstborn son or daughter can be truly overwhelming. Nothing can prepare you for the unconditional love you will feel for your newborn child.

Love At First Sight?

For some parents this love at first sight does not kick in immediately, fear, anxiety and other emotions can lead to unexpected feelings about your new child. Be kind to yourself if this happens to you and give it a bit of time, suddenly it will all click into place when you least expect it.

Getting Acquainted Early On

Did you know that babies are able to hear deeper male voices from around week 22 of pregnancy? This means that you can start talking to your baby and getting acquainted long before you meet in person! Talking to the baby bump regularly from week 22 will mean that by the time your baby is born, he or she will already recognise daddy’s voice!

The Most Important Job You Will Ever Have

Realising that as a dad, you are going to be more important to your new baby than you are to anybody else, (with the possible exception of their mother), is nothing short of intimidating. Being a father is a hugely important role and the most important job of your lifetime.

You may have some doubts about your ability to do a great job, but that is completely normal. The sooner you roll up your sleeves and get stuck into your new role, the sooner you will start picking up the skills and experience you need to do it well.

Trust Your Instincts

Mothers have well developed instincts when it comes to looking after and protecting their children and dads are no different. You will be amazed at how quickly you figure out how to do things or work out what it is that your baby needs. All parents feel nervous about getting it right; we are not born with this knowledge! Work together as a team and do not be afraid to ask your partner or anyone else you trust for advice if your feel unsure about anything.

Paternal Leave

During the pregnancy, be sure to enquire with your employer to find out your entitlement in terms of Paternity Leave. Anyway, let me . Paid leave gives you the opportunity to support your partner at home and creates a space for you to begin to bond and connect with your new child. Do not be afraid to grab this opportunity to be with your family, it is precious time that will make a huge difference and in the long term will benefit all of you.

Eden Can Give You A Hand

We are well placed to offer advice and support to not just mums but dads too through our sister company, Eden Nannies & Maternity. To find out more about the wide range of specialist support we have available, just take a look at the Maternity section on our website.

May 20, 2015

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