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Benefits of Employing a ‘Domestic Couple’

A domestic couple might be the perfect solution for a busy and varied household and here we explore the many, many advantages to hiring a domestic couple to work for you.

But first, let’s take a quick look at the role and the type of work and responsibilities a couple could be required to undertake.

Needless to say, the list of duties a domestic couple might be asked to do is endless and multi-tasking is key! Each and every household, family, estate is unique and therefore the range and combination of duties will vary accordingly. The beauty of hiring a couple though is the flexible (and often limitless) nature of their skills and of course the combination of skills that they have to offer.

Here are a just a few examples of the type of skills combinations:

  • Nanny Housekeeper & Handyman/Gardener
  • Housekeeper & PA
  • PA & Chauffeur
  • Nanny & Gardener
  • Chef, Chauffeur & Housekeeper
  • Nanny & Butler
  • Estate and Household Management
  • Hospitality and Holiday Home/Property Management


So What Exactly Are the Benefits?

Without a doubt there are some very appealing reasons for employing an experienced and professional domestic couple.

  • A cost effective solution. When faced with employing several different people to undertake a variety of different tasks, the salaries/joint salary for just two people instead will make a huge difference to the overall costs. Additionally, less accommodation/space will be required and helpfully a couple will take time off at the same time.
  • A great team. A professional couple have the advantage of being used to working well together. The majority of domestic couples are married (or in a long term relationship) and are used to supporting one another in the role. They will be accustomed to communicating well and working together to get things done effectively and efficiently. This will result in promoting the smooth running of day to day operations.
  • Flexibility/Multi-tasking. Professional couples will usually have a high degree of flexibility and be willing to take on new tasks by trying a new skill that may become part of their duties. Similarly as their role grows they will willingly turn their hand to most things in order to get the job done. A domestic couple will often also be happy to work at multiple locations in both the UK and abroad which gives huge peace of mind to an employer.
  • Home Security. Most roles will be residential, therefore a resident domestic couple can play a vital role in looking after the safety and security of everything when a family/homeowner is away.
  • Continuity of Care for Pets/Animals. It is a huge advantage for animals/livestock to continue to be cared for at home/in their usual surroundings. Animals thrive on routine and are much happier for it.
  • Long Term Commitment. Very often a domestic couple will become an integral part of the fabric of a family/estate and this usually equates to staying in the role longer and makes them loyal employees.
  • High Standards. Wherever you/your family are, you will have continued peace of mind and reassurance that your home/property/gardens/estate/valuables are all being maintained to the highest possible standards in your absence.
  • More Time. Quite simply, you will have more time for your business/family/leisure commitments as, under your direction, the day to day running of your household/estate will be the responsibility of the Domestic Couple. They can liaise on your behalf with contractors, builders, deliveries/goods and services to the property, tutors and so on.

The demand for this type of Domestic Couple continues to be high and offers huge potential to delegate many of the daily responsibilities within a busy household/estate. The advantages and benefits it can offer to an employer are very evident. Why not see for yourself…


July 10, 2019

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