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Boost Your Child’s Academic Success with a Private Tutor

There could be a number of reasons why you would consider hiring a tutor for your child; perhaps they are a little behind in certain subjects, have impending exams or they could, equally, be gifted and a bit held back in their conventional school.

Whilst many of us, at one time or another, may have thought that a little extra help could benefit our child, increasingly a number of parents are considering the option of hiring a full or part-time live-in tutor to help to boost their child’s success.

Obviously there could be any number of reasons for heading down this route and I’d like to explore a few of them:


Early tutoring will provide your child with a great foundation on which to build. All children love to learn and encouragement is vitally important in the formative years. However, a shy child can get lost in the crowd and probably spend most of their time trying to remain invisible in a classroom that is full of louder, more confident children. With the personal attention of an experienced tutor a young child has the space and freedom to bloom and gain confidence.


Overcrowded classrooms can seriously affect a child’s ability to learn and unfortunately they appear to be the norm now. Increasingly schoolteachers struggle to offer much in the way of one to one time with each individual and often children are left struggling to make their voice heard in room full of other children. Many youngsters are embarrassed to stand out from the crowd too much and often fail to ask questions simply through shyness. With a personal tutor your child will benefit from having one person who is totally focussed on them and their learning.


Children learn at different rates and in any class of over thirty individuals there are likely to be pretty large disparities. Perhaps your child will fail to understand a key concept on occasion but is too shy to ask for help or, at the opposite end of the scale, a particularly bright individual could find themselves severely limited by their classmates. In a one to one learning situation your child will have the space and time to absorb information and move on at a pace that suits their learning needs. A tailored programme will enable your child to learn who they are, what their personal style is and just how much they are capable of.


Both state and private educational establishments have a highly regulated curriculum which caters to the needs of the masses. Your child may struggle with maths, for example, but be gifted musically. An alternative learning programme can be provided by a personal tutor. Tutoring a child in their strong subjects as well as their weaker ones helps to build confidence that will support them on their way to becoming a well-rounded adult.


Many children fear the move from Primary to Secondary Education, particularly those who are less outgoing. Secondary Schools tend to be fairly large and this can make many children nervous. The concept of having to meet new teachers and pupils in a very unfamiliar environment can be daunting and some children find it hard to integrate. Similarly, you may find it necessary to relocate due to a house move or frequent travel. With the continuity and support of a tutor, the process of any transition is so much easier.


Education is high pressure these days and children are increasingly expected to perform well and gain good grades, particularly in GCSE’s and above. Hiring a private tutor who is trained in subjects at these levels can really boost a child and will almost certainly give them enough confidence to perform to the best of their ability.


One of the most stressful parts of the secondary school child-parent relationship is homework. By the end of the working day most parents are pretty exhausted and this is probably the worst possible time to be supervising homework schedules. A tutor can remove this pressure and add to the family’s quality of life while also teaching your child to take responsibility for their own work. A professional tutor can also provide regular assessments on your child’s progress and adjust the tutoring to fill any gaps in knowledge prior to important school assessments.

Clearly there are other reasons why a tutor could be a great addition to your child’s life. Perhaps you work extremely long hours and feel this reduces your ability to provide that extra added support or academic help that a tutor could provide. Or maybe your work requires that you travel extensively and you prefer to take the whole family along; a tutor would be a great addition in these circumstances.

Whatever the reasoning, you can be sure that the one to one attention of a supportive and fully committed adult, whether it be part or full-time, would certainly bolster your child’s love of learning and aid their future academic success.

March 17, 2017

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