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Concierge service or a tenacious PA?

At Eden Private Staff we recognise that many of our clients can feel pressured by their ever-increasing domestic responsibilities and professional duties. In our modern society, it never seems that there are enough hours in the day to complete your household errands, fulfil professional responsibilities and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends. In response to this dilemma, many private staff organisations have expanded the roles and responsibilities of their concierge services and personal assistants in order to meet the evolving needs of their clients.

Consequently, if you feel as if you are constantly juggling your personal responsibilities and professional duties then the following guide can offer a viable long term solution. By comparing the modern day concierge services and personal assistant criteria outlined within this guide you can efficiently ascertain the particular type of private staff support which will prove most beneficial to your individual circumstances. With this information in mind, you can make a well-informed decision regarding your private staffing needs and enlist appropriate domestic and professional support which will benefit your family and your career for many years to come!

The duties of modern day concierge services

Historically the term ‘concierge’ has referred to a professional individual working as a doorkeeper within a hotel or apartment complex. From this position a concierge has acted as a representative for the establishment they serve and has been responsible for handling mail and luggage services, scheduling restaurant and entertainment reservations, managing building maintenance issues, supervising communal areas, providing general security services and ultimately serving as a channel of communication between the building management and its clients.

However, in recent years the role of concierge services has begun to shift towards the roles and responsibilities usually carried out by a personal assistant. Nowadays luxury apartment complexes offer their residents a more personalised concierge service wherein their staff will accommodate for the individual needs and requirements of each of their residents. As private staff blogger Jillian Hampton conveys in her article The Modern Concierge Service, this evolution of concierge services has arisen due to the fact that;

“High-end developments have realised that it’s not just about offering a quality finished product with high-end facilities, they need to offer more long term benefits if they want to have satisfied residents; and a high-end concierge service is just one of these offerings”.

Consequently, the duties undertaken by modern day concierge services continues to expand to encompass a broad spectrum of personal and professional duties. For instance, many luxury apartment complexes in London and other prominent European cities now offer a vast array of concierge services which can be adapted to suit the individual needs of their residents which include, but are not limited to;

  • Scheduling reservations for restaurants and booking tickets for social events,
  • Arranging dry cleaning and other laundry services,
  • Overseeing travel reservations and providing transportation updates,
  • Equipping residents with targeted knowledge regarding the local area,
  • Offering valet car parking services for residents and their guests,
  • Scheduling professional quality cleaning services on behalf of residents,
  • Providing pet-sitting services,
  • Running personal errands for residents,
  • Overseeing the distribution and delivery of post, parcel and courier services,
  • Maintaining residents’ vehicles in an excellent condition and storing them securely with the apartment complex’s car park,
  • Overseeing general landscaping and building maintenance services,
  • Providing general security services by monitoring the individuals who enter and exit the building.

By offering these exceptional concierge services, apartment complexes are able to attract a notable clientele of distinguished residents who will appreciate these luxury concierge services. This individually tailored residential support continues to appeal to a broad range of city-based professionals who would otherwise feel pressured to juggle their personal errands with the responsibilities of maintain their successful career. According to Sara-Ann Kasner, president and founder of the National Concierge Association;

“The concierge business is exploding right now. There has been tremendous growth”.

The adaptable roles and responsibilities of personal assistants

As mentioned above, modern day concierge services offer reliable and personable day-to-day organisational support which enables the residents of the apartment complexes which they serve to live a calmer and less stressful life. However, many of these modern day concierge services bear close similarity to the roles and responsibilities of personal assistants which in turn begs the question; which private staff outlet will be more suitable to your current lifestyle, modern day concierge services or a personal assistant?

Although modern day concierge services may be appealing for a wide range of individuals, many people prefer to invest in the services of a tenacious personal assistant who will enable them to seamlessly balance their family life and busy career.

For instance, even though modern day concierge services continue to evolve and expand to cover a wider variety of services, equipping yourself with your very own personal assistant will grant you access to an individually tailored private staff service. This is due to the fact that, whereas modern day concierge services will appoint one or two professional candidates to oversee the needs of an entire apartment complex, a personal assistant will remain solely dedicated to equipping you with bespoke household and executive support.

Depending upon whether your particular private staff requirements demand the expertise of a household or executive personal assistant, you can arrange for these conscientious professionals to undertake a diverse array of roles and responsibilities. Amongst the various domestic and business-related duties that your personal assistant will be able to perform include;

  • Organising your professional appointments in accordance with your domestic responsibilities,
  • Overseeing and filing all manner of household bills and domestic paperwork,
  • General account management and bookkeeping services regarding your domestic budget and business finances,
  • Scheduling general household maintenance tasks,
  • Overseeing construction, renovation or repairs projects that will be undertaken within your home or at your external office,
  • Transporting you and your family to and from your various social events and professional appointments,
  • Running miscellaneous personal errands including dry cleaning, laundry services, postal services, package deliveries and grocery shopping,
  • Caring for your household pets and scheduling veterinarian appointments,
  • Light housekeeping tasks or managing your existing domestic household staff,
  • Handling any confidential matters and orchestrating your daily itinerary,
  • Scheduling your private, social and professional calendars,
  • Managing travel arrangements for leisure or business purposes,
  • Liaising with private household staff and external contractors in order to facilitate the smooth running of your estate,
  • Handling all domestic and business correspondence, phone calls and emails,
  • Shopping for gifts and sourcing rare items,
  • Serve as an intermediary between you and your company’s clients, partners and prospective investors,
  • General administration duties such as preparing important documents, scheduling meetings and prioritising tasks.
  • Planning trips for business or leisure purposes.

In this manner, a personal assistant can be depended upon to harmonise every single aspect of your life; from your domestic responsibilities to your professional obligations. Unlike modern day concierge services, by investing in a personal assistant you will be able to stipulate your exact personal needs and professional requirements on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Consequently, by hiring a conscientious personal assistant you will be able to benefit from continuous support from an individual who will remain solely dedicated to fulfilling your every want and need.

How to acquire exceptional private staff support

Therefore, if you would like to begin benefiting from targeted private staff support then Eden Private Staff can help you to do so. By utilising our forward-thinking candidate selection process you can equip yourself with enthusiastic and conscientious private staff support on a day-to-day basis. Regardless of whether you require full-time, part-time or temporary staff, we will provide you with a bespoke search consultancy service wherein you will be matched with a selection of fully qualified and extensively experienced personal assistant candidates. After assessing the credentials of each prospective candidate and arranging interviews with your preferred candidates, we will help you to ascertain the specific individual who possesses the necessary personality traits, work ethic and academic credentials which will compliment your lifestyle and personal requirements. In this manner, by collaborating with our Eden Private Staff bespoke search consultancy team you will be equipped with a conscientious personal assistant who will undertake a wide variety of concierge services for you and your household in a diligent and dedicated manner.

November 18, 2015

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Eden Private Staff remain open and committed to providing an exceptional level of service. Our team are available for calls and enquiries and at this stage still able to help you and your family find the right personnel for your requirements. We will be introducing candidates via video calls and following the latest guidance from the government
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