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Daily (‘Live-Out’) Nannies

Are you currently wondering if it would be a good idea to employ a Daily Nanny? If this is the case, then you might find here in this article all the best reasons and benefits to go ahead and do it!

Employing a Daily Nanny could literally transform your family life. You will definitely have more time and you will find it easier to manage and organise your busy household. This of course in return will give you more opportunities to enjoy time together as a family.

A professional, committed career Nanny will give you all the support you need to get on track and here’s how:

Expertise & Knowledge

Your Daily Nanny will be charged with the responsibility for a number of key areas of your child’s well-being and development and will be expected to use their experience and knowledge of early years’ development to teach and inform. Their work for example should include teaching through play, early education (simple language/words and maths/numbers skills) and social awareness and development (such as playing together and sharing), They will also provide and have a good understanding of the benefits of well-balanced nutritional snacks & meals and they will ensure that play areas are clean and tidy which hopefully (!) will encourage good habits for the future.

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

Obviously this list is pretty long and varied! A great deal will depend on the age of the child/children and what you, as parents, would like the Nanny to achieve during the day.

However, on average a Daily Nanny will be working for you for around 12 hours a day from Monday to Friday. This means that they will be there to take over and supervise the children’s morning routine

and their bedtime/evening routine. As continuity is key for children, this makes for a much smoother (and hopefully calmer!) day. Also it crucially gives you, the parent, flexibility around your day, knowing that this structure is in place.

A typical day for a Daily Nanny might look something like this:

  • Get the child/children out of bed, dressed, breakfasted and ready for the days’ activities – play group/nursery/school
  • Ensure that snacks/packed lunches are ready to go
  • Drive to activity/school as appropriate
  • If you have a non-school aged child then the day will probably include elements of the following: fun play (inside and outside), outings/socials/parties, music & teaching activities and quiet/story/nap time
  • Organise, keep record of and take to play dates and appointments
  • Whilst a child is resting the Nanny can be tidying the play areas/bedrooms, preparing meals/drinks and snacks, dealing with the children’s laundry
  • Pick up school aged children
  • Where appropriate, assist with homework
  • Cook and supervise tea/supper time
  • Bath time, wind down/story time, bed time
  • Plan a schedule of activities and ensure everything is cleared up and prepared ready for the following day
  • There may also be some ‘babysitting’ evenings scheduled, which would need to be agreed in advance. These hours are in addition to the agreed number of hours the Nanny works per day and they are paid extra for this service

If you are expecting or would like your Daily Nanny to do some additional household chores that are not specifically related to the children, then this must be discussed at the outset ie before they commence working for you. This will ensure that there aren’t any sudden surprises which could cause issues on this topic once they get there! If expectations are well managed on both sides, everything should go smoothly and according to plan.

If a Daily Nanny sounds like exactly what you need then have a chat with the Eden nanny team who will give you sound advice & information regarding this role, including salary expectations.

Please call us on +44 (0)207 471 6000 and we will help you get started on finding the right Nanny for your family.

November 22, 2022

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