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The Developmental Benefits Of A Bedtime Story

One of the best ways to foster parent-child bonds while preparing your children for a good night’s sleep, is with a comforting bedtime story. The reading of bedtime stories is a family tradition, which is known to have numerous developmental benefits. Whether you choose a classic fairytale, or a book featuring cartoon drawings, the process of sitting down to read a book to your little one as they fall asleep is a great way to boost brain development.

Bedtime Stories Contribute To Brain Development

Numerous articles and plenty of research over the years suggests that story telling can help with a child’s brain development. Besides helping your little one become more familiar with words, language, and sounds, storytelling improves creativity and helps children to read more successfully later in life.

Showing children pictures, shapes, objects, numbers, places, and other things, helps them to learn more about the surrounding world, which means that they are more likely to be able to identify new concepts quickly and accurately. When a familiar bedtime story is read repetitively, it frequently helps little ones to understand and learn essential things about the world around them.

Bedtime Stories Help Children To Develop A Passion For Books

Reading bedtime stories is perhaps the best way to instil a love of books and attract young minds to the written word. Regular reading is an excellent way to stimulate a child’s imagination, foster natural curiosity, and accelerate emotional development. Bedtime stories can be the beginning of a wonderful adventure, whereby reading transforms into a favourite hobby that your child will enjoy throughout the course of their lifetime.

Naturally Boost Your Childs Self-Esteem

Storytelling allows children to identify with characters as they progress through their journey, which can make it much easier to adapt to and accept change when faced with new situations, events and challenges. By identifying with the characters, children can learn how to deal with challenges and events that are mirrored in their own life experiences.

Moreover, storytelling helps children to develop a stronger sense of who they are. The routine of the bedtime story in particular is a quality time where children enjoy being close to their guardians, and feel loved and supported, which contributes greatly to their self-esteem.

Listening To Stories Helps Significantly With Language Development 

A diverse language is an essential life skill, and studies have shown that children that are read to tend to have a higher level of understanding of their language than children who are only exposed to conversational language and screen time. According to the British Psychological Society, increased vocabulary and language development are two early indicators that children will be more intelligent than average.

Other Benefits Associated With Bedtime Stories

The benefits of bedtime stories do not stop at educational ones. Often times, the stories are intricately crafted with an emotional life lesson that will be instilled subconsciously, which means that children and adults alike can learn valuable lessons about friendship, love, morals, growing old, and much more.

According to researchers, bedtime stories increase the neurological activity of the brain and children who are read to at home tend to be able to process images and information more accurately than children who do not have the benefit of an adult reading them regular bedtime stories.

June 8, 2016

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