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DIY Face Masks

There is no need to break the bank when looking to fulfil your self-care skin care routine to nurture your delicate skin. Shop bought masks are great fun, however there is no need to splash unnecessary cash on treatments that can be completed straight from your own kitchen. Homemade face masks can tackle anything from dry skin patches and dullness, to spots and discolouration. As well as being just as effective as branded masks, whipping up a cream straight from your kitchen is a fun, creative and relaxing activity, so get ready to get that glowing pin-up girl skin!

  1. To soothe inflamed or irritated skin:

Ingredients such as honey, coconut oil and full fat plain yogurt will even out and calm redness. The fatty acids in the coconut oil will deliver intense hydration and add to the suppleness of the skin, whilst the honey – with its intense anti-inflammatory properties – will fight any flushing or bacteria on the skin. Yogurt is a perfect gentle exfoliator (as it contains lactic acid), so will enhance the effectiveness of the other ingredients by allowing greater penetration into deeper layers of skin. Mix the ingredients together and brush onto the face to watch the magic begin!

  1. To fight hyperpigmentation:

Combining turmeric powder, a dash of lemon juice and some honey to make a paste will go far in reducing visible patches of hyperpigmentation. Turmeric reduces dark spots and brightens skin very effectively, most likely as a result of its intense antioxidant load which heals damaged areas and reveals healthy skin underneath. The potency of this ingredient – along with the strong exfoliating properties of lemon juice – is such that you should only keep the mask on for a few minutes – 6 at most – to prevent overloading your skin.

  1. For dry skin:

A mixture of honey and mashed avocado will revitalise dry skin and promote tissue regeneration. Honey is an all-round wonder of an ingredient and will plump your skin with moisture, whereas the avocado oils will soften and smooth skin, leaving you with an even texture and supple appearance. This mask can be left on to work for up to 20 minutes for optimum hydration.

  1. To exfoliate dull skin:

Throw a generous amount of oats, full fat yoghurt and mashed banana into a bowl and layer onto the skin like a spa treatment. Oats are a perfect gentle exfoliant for sensitive skin: it will slough away the unwanted dead cells and uncover bright, fresh skin. In combination with this powerful radiance booster, the banana provides some brightening Vitamin C and Vitamin A, a fantastic healer of parched skin. Lastly, the yoghurt will enhance the exfoliating effect of the oats, creating a supermodel worthy skin treatment.

  1. Other ingredients:

There are a whole host of other skin benefitting ingredients in the kitchen, but a couple well worth a mention are strawberries and papaya. Strawberries are brimming with glow-enhancing alpha-hydroxy acids, whilst papaya contains an enzyme called papain which lightens dark spots. If you would like to bulk up your masks a little more, throw either of these powerful fruits in or use individually for that dreamy summer skin.

We hope you enjoy getting creative by turning regular ingredients into luxurious DIY spa treatments – happy masking!

May 12, 2021

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