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Domestic Staff Couples

Domestic staff couples can provide a wide range of support for your household or estate, taking care of duties that would normally require the employment of multiple members of staff.

The responsibilities covered by a domestic couple are carefully tailored to meet the needs of employers and their property, by identifying a suitable couple with the experience and ability to offer the desired combination of skills.

A domestic couple could cover any combination of the following roles:

The broad combination of skills that can be provided by some qualified domestic couples is quite remarkable. Typically, this is a live in role and separate, or self-contained living accommodation is usually included within the agreed salary package.

What Are The Benefits Of Employing A Domestic Staff Couple?


The versatility of the domestic couple means that employers are presented with a great opportunity to consolidate their private staff, enabling them to cover more bases with less people. Domestic couples are often very willing to work long and unsociable hours, although it is worth bearing in mind that they are likely to want to take their time off together.


Combining and consolidating numerous roles in exchange for a combined salary, makes a domestic staff couple an incredibly cost effective choice to cover the full range of support you require.


A notable benefit when employing a couple as opposed to individual employees is longevity of the position. Domestic couples tend to remain with the same employer for a very long time, which is ideal for the employer who has found the right fit, reducing the stress and disruption that can be caused by gaps in staffing.


Domestic couples are a popular choice for properties in the countryside and overseas that are only occupied on a part time basis. A resident couple can provide peace of mind by ensuring the property is well maintained and secure throughout the year and offer employers the convenience of returning to a clean, warm and welcoming home at any point.

Employing a domestic couple to take care of a part time residence also opens up the possibility to keep livestock, pets and plants in the knowledge that they will be well cared for throughout the year.

Employers with multiple properties may find that a domestic staff couple is an excellent solution as many couples will be more than happy to travel and work in several different locations providing they are able to work together.


Domestic staff couples are an excellent staffing option, allowing the employer to access a broad mix of skills and expertise to meet the demands of any home or estate. Having identified the ideal match to meet your needs, you gain peace of mind; able to work, relax and travel in the knowledge that everything is in safe hands with this professional team!



December 30, 2014

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