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Estate Manager / Director

If you are seeking help to run and enjoy your farm, estate, land & gardens, then here you will find how an Estate Manager or Director could be a great option for you as they will have a direct impact on the smooth running and (where appropriate) profitability and productivity of the estate.

Every estate is of course unique and a job description for the Estate Manager/Director would be tailored accordingly.

Overall, the responsibilities and duties that come with the role are based around management and planning (arable/crop and livestock) and on a larger estate the Manager/Director could also be responsible for other estate staff/workers (full/part time/seasonal/contractors). Sometimes duties will also extend to overseeing accounting & bookkeeping.

This is a pro-active and very hands-on position that requires flexibility and understanding of estate management and/or livestock. It will also require good communication skills with the owner.

Often a Manager/Director will live on site which provides an excellent additional element of security, especially if the owners are away regularly.

There are a variety of estate set ups and some will possibly include business activities that the Estate Manager/Director will oversee such as:

  • residential and commercial property portfolios
  • commercial shoots
  • arable and livestock farming activity
  • management of tenanted farms


Other important duties might include:

  • Overseeing and contributing to the smooth running, general upkeep and maintenance of the estate and its’ properties
  • Overseeing agricultural activities, including all livestock and arable operations
  • Liaising with external bodies such as DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs) and RPA ( Rural Payments Agency)
  • Dealing with external advisors such as agronomists, vets, and farriers
  • Managing the land and ensuring it is used to its’ maximum potential
  • Administration and management of budgets, event planning and management

Many Estate Managers/Directors will have experience in managing multiple residences (often abroad) which gives them valuable international experience and some will come from commercial farming backgrounds.

Many of Eden’s candidates for this role will hold a formal qualification and all will have solid, relevant experience. Qualifications are usually held in ‘Land Management’ or Farming and will have been taken at a variety of universities and colleges, the most well- known being the ‘Royal Agricultural College’, Cirencester.

Eden Private Staff are experienced in conducting searches for Estate Managers/Directors and can source Candidates for small estates (50+ acres) as well as huge commercial estates of thousands of acres and a million pound turnover. Eden are also experienced in recruiting for estates all over the world.

For further information, advice and discussion, please call the Eden Private Staff Team on 0207 471 6000

January 23, 2023

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