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Family Office Recruitment

Eden Private Staff has over 25 years of experience taking care of the unique and specialist family office recruitment requirements of ultra and high-net-worth individuals and their families throughout the world.

Whether you are a SFO (Single Family Office) or a MFO (Multi-Family Office), Eden Private Staff will be your dedicated partner for researching, sourcing & identifying the best career candidates for the many roles within a family office’s in-house’ team.


Integral Family Office Roles we recruit for:


  • Heads of Family Office: CEO, CFO, COO
  • Chief of Staff/House Manager
  • Family Office Assistant
  • Legal Counsel/Lawyer
  • Wealth Manager/Planner
  • Portfolio Manager/Investment Advisor/Specialist
  • Private Equity/Hedge Fund Manager
  • Property /Asset Portfolio Manager/Specialist
  • Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant/Operations Manager
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • PR/Media Specialist
  • Family/Corporate Chef
  • Executive & Family Chauffeur
  • Corporate Security
  • Residential Security

You can be completely assured that all our bespoke ‘Searches’ are undertaken with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

The Eden Private Staff Recruitment Process

Your dedicated team of Eden Consultants will provide you with expertise, unique recruitment sector knowledge and support for each ‘Search’ they undertake on behalf of your Family Office.

Initially, we will meet with you to discuss in-depth the details of the ‘Search’ in order to identify your requirements. Specifically, we will discuss the role & candidate specifications, define/refine the job description, salary & benefits, location of the role plus any other criteria you deem essential to the success of the Search.

Going forward, we will devise and tailor a structured executive search strategy to attract the best possible Candidates for the position, deploying a range of techniques which includes: headhunting, social media platforms, in-house database/leveraging existing contacts, Eden’s website/business platforms such as LinkedIn, targeting industry specific job boards and networking events.

Please contact the Eden Private Staff ‘Family Office Team’ on 020 7471 6000 or if you would prefer, please email the team:

The Role of a Family Office Chief Executive Officer

A Family Office CEO’s role is fundamental to the smooth running and overall success of a company/group of companies. The CEO has direct responsibility for overseeing the management and strategic planning of the Family Office and in addition, has a direct impact on balancing the complex needs and requirements of the client/high-net-worth families involved.

The role requires a unique set of key skills & qualities, expertise and experience and presents many challenges. This guide provides valuable insights into how a CEO can thrive in the world of Family Office management.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

A Family Office CEO is responsible for formulating and executing long-term strategic plans that align with the goals and aspirations of the family. Careful financial analysis, risk assessment and investment strategies are essential components of the role. The role involves close collaboration with family members, advisors and stakeholders, developing investment portfolios, undertaking philanthropic initiatives, succession planning and estate planning strategies.

Relationship Management

Building and nurturing strong relationships with family members, advisors, wealth managers and outside service providers is crucial to the role. It is therefore important to build and establish excellent open communication channels, foster trust and also provide a high level of service to meet the unique needs and expectations of each family member. Effectively managing all these relationships ensures that operations run smoothly and will support the long-term success of the Family Office.

Wealth Advisory and Investment Management

A Family Office CEO takes responsibility for overseeing wealth management and investment activities. This includes assessing investment opportunities, managing risk, monitoring portfolio performance, and staying abreast of evolving market conditions. The CEO will liaise and work with a whole network of financial experts who will implement investment strategies designed to preserve and grow the family’s wealth while minimising risks.

Governance and Compliance

Maintaining good governance and compliance is essential for a Family Office to operate successfully. The CEO is responsible for establishing the correct policies, procedures and governance frameworks that comply with legal and regulatory requirements. They will also ensure there is strict adherence to relevant tax laws, reporting obligations and internal controls in order to safeguard the family’s assets and reputation.

Team Leadership and Talent Management

Assembling and creating a high-performing team is vital to the success of a Family Office. The CEO will drive the recruitment process and develop and mentor a diverse team of professionals with expertise in finance, tax planning, legal and administration. Effective leadership skills, including the ability to motivate, delegate, and foster collaboration, will encourage a positive work environment in which team members can excel and contribute to the overall success of the Family Office.

Confidentiality and Discretion

Maintaining confidentiality and discretion is absolutely paramount in a Family Office environment. The CEO will handle sensitive and confidential information related to the family’s financial situation, personal matters and business relationships. Ensuring the highest level of discretion and integrity is vital to protect the family’s privacy and maintain trust among family members and external stakeholders.

In Conclusion

The Family Office CEO role goes beyond that of simply financial management. Balancing strategic planning, relationship management, governance and staff development are all key aspects of their responsibilities. By leveraging their skill and expertise and being supported by a strong network of professionals, they can successfully navigate the complexities of a Family Office and help the family achieve their objectives and long-term goals.

To excel in this dynamic and challenging environment and regardless of whether you are an experienced Family Office CEO or this is your first Family Office role, it is very important to be open to continuous professional development and learning. Remaining adaptable and maintaining a positive attitude and commitment to professional growth is essential for success.

A Family Office Assistant aids in the intricate and high-stakes world of affluent families, ensuring their personal and professional lives remain in harmony. They manage schedules, look after finances, coordinate travel, and more, striking the perfect balance between discretion and efficiency.

The role of Family Office Assistant

A Family Office Assistant aids in the intricate world of affluent families, ensuring their personal and professional lives remain on track and in harmony. They manage complicated schedules, complex diaries, look after finances, coordinate travel and so much more.

They facilitate the smooth running of the family’s busy lives, striking a balance between discretion and efficiency.

Every Family Office is of course unique, therefore the Family Office Assistant will be flexible in constantly adapting to situations and new responsibilities all the time. There are always however, a number of specific duties/responsibilities that will always be part of their role:

  • Administrative support for the principal family members and additional support/assistance to extended family members as required
  • Will represent the principals and initially be an outward facing point of contact/communication
  • Draft agendas & documents and maintain records of essential meetings.
  • Organise and supervise busy schedules, coordinating calls and meetings across varying time zones
  • Facilitate both business and leisure travel – including visa applications, booking tickets, arranging private jets/yachts/chauffeured cars, accommodation & restaurants
  • Supervise the upkeep & management of a portfolio of properties throughout the world
  • Interface with finance experts, accountants and legal teams on behalf of the principals
  • Undertake research for the family and manage any special projects they may assign


Family Office Assistant Personal Profile:

  • Very well educated
  • 3-5 years experience in a similar position
  • Ability to work autonomously and have huge amounts of initiative
  • Superb organisational skills, great at multi-tasking and always with an eye for detail
  • Diplomatic, discreet calm and an excellent communicator, capable of fostering good professional relationships
  • Sound commercial acumen
  • Adaptable and resourceful
  • Willingness to work beyond typical hours when the situation demands

Family Office Assistant Benefits

  • Attractive salary package usually with performance-based bonuses
  • Generous holiday allowance
  • Healthcare package
  • Life Assurance