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Foods to Help Boost your Immunity

Keeping strong and healthy is certainly in everyone’s best interest, particularly in the current pandemic and also as we move into autumn when colds and flu can be particularly persistent.

Dietary changes to boost immunity can be a great way to help yourself stay healthier and getting savvy with food choices can markedly improve your chances of remaining cold free. You will also boost and improve the overall quality of your diet, so here are a few things to consider adding to your meal plans.


  1. Citrus fruits: packed with vitamin C (which increases the number of white blood cells produced) and antioxidants. Try fruit such as oranges, grapefruits and tangerines which can help your body ward off infection.


  1. Red Bell Peppers: an even higher source of vitamin C than citrus fruit, bell peppers also contain generous quantities of beta-carotene, which fights free-radicals and promotes overall skin and eye health.


  1. Broccoli: a superfood bursting with vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants, broccoli is an ideal remedy to feeling run-down and fortifies the body’s immune defences.


  1. Garlic: highly deserving of its miracle-working reputation, garlic contains active compounds such as allicin which supercharges the immune system. There is also evidence for garlic containing antiviral and antimicrobial properties, key to combatting infection and preventing illness.


  1. Ginger: perhaps more effective for those already feeling under-the-weather, ginger can reduce symptoms of a cold (sore throat for example) due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties. A cup of ginger tea can be surprisingly soothing and relieve physical discomfort.


  1. Spinach: cook your spinach lightly to ensure its properties of vitamin C, A, and beta-carotene remain as abundant as possible. As well as fortifying your immune system, spinach may reduce fatigue through its supply of energy-supplementing iron. (A handful in a smoothie will go a long way).


  1. Yoghurts: if you choose carefully, yoghurts can be loaded with live and active cultures which maintain your gut’s microbiome, thus bolstering your immune system. Look for natural, Greek yoghurts; ideally those fortified with Vitamin D so susceptibility to infection is reduced and invading pathogens neutralised.


  1. Almonds: extra vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids are vital for reinforcing cell membranes and provide plenty of energy to mobilise your immune system faster.


  1. Green tea: a calming cup a day supplies powerful antioxidants such as EGCG and flavonoids, both proven to enhance production of germ-fighting compounds.


  1. Shellfish: a less obvious option, but just as effective; foods such as crab or lobster are valuable sources of Zinc. Although you don’t want to exceed the daily intake of 8-11mg, zinc is an important aid to cells fighting off invading viruses/bacteria and is especially useful in accelerating the healing process.


Enjoy our recommendations and stay healthy this winter!


November 20, 2020

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