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Four Great Apps To Boost Your Organisation

If you are a busy entrepreneur, or business executive, you know how important it is to be organised. Organisation is the key to making the most of your time and getting your work done.

Being organised will help you deal with the constant onslaught of meetings, tasks, phone calls, emails, and appointments! Thankfully, there are a few great options to help you stay organised including some great software applications. This article will share a few of the best apps that can help you get organised and boost your productivity.


Wunderlist is a very intuitive and powerful ‘to do list’ application available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. It allows users to create multiple lists which are shared between all of their devices. Some of the great features contained in Wunderlist include:

  • Related to do lists can be stored in a folder
  • Lists can be shared with colleagues, friends and family
  • You can set reminders and due dates for individual items
  • A notes function to quickly capture ideas or tasks
  • Push notifications and emails
  • Tagging of to-do items

The simplicity of the Wunderlist interface makes it easy to add new tasks, share them, add notifications and mark them as complete. Wunderlist is free, with some features requiring the pro version at $5 (USD) a month. 

Things is an advanced to do list application with cloud integration and a variety of exciting features. It is available on Mac and iOS devices (Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone).

The Things Cloud keeps all of your lists in a central location so they can be shared across devices. The interface is incredibly easy to use and allows users to quickly create lists and add tasks. Tasks can subsequetly be shared across multiple iOS and OSX applications including calendar and mail.

Things is a flexible app, which has the ability to create a customised workflow including custom tags and task processing. The auto fill function makes adding tasks very quick and easy!


Trello is a great task organiser for people who like to view multiple to do lists at once and to add visual elements to lists. Trello uses a drag-and-drop card interface to display to do lists. You can have multiple cards that represent the progress of a project and drag items between cards as work is completed.

The main benefit of working this way is that the progress of a project can be ascertained in a glance. It is ideal for teams that are working together and need to share information about specific tasks. Team members can work on the same board and send comments to one another, keeping discussion about specific tasks in one place.

Data can be shared across many cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. It works across a variety of devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire and through a web interface on Trello is an outstanding choice for any business in need of a user friendly and collaborative organisational tool.

Evernote excels at identifying, organising and collecting information, then creating to do lists from that information.   It allows you to collect media from different sources and incorporate it into your to do lists. You can pin images, audio files, web pages, documents and other resources to your lists or build a to-do list around a piece of media.

Just like the other apps, Evernote uses the cloud to share information between devices. Evernote allows users to share media and information in a group notebook and has a very powerful search facility. It is a great choice for users who need to process different kinds of information and associate it with an action. Evernote is available on OS X and iOS devices.

Alternatively – Why Not Hire a Personal Assistant?

While these tools can do a wonderful job of organising your information and tasks, they still take some time to use. In some cases, managing your lists inside the application can be a very time-consuming task in itself! The ultimate alternative to using a software application to get you organised is to hire a personal assistant. There are a number of advantages associated with doing so including:

  • A PA can handle more complex tasks than a software program
    They can make a restaurant reservation, help you organise a work trip, perform research and many other complex tasks that are beyond the scope of a software application.
  • A friendly face to assist you with clients
    A personal assistant can talk to clients on your behalf and make sure they are happy. This can save you a huge amount of time and frequently improve outcomes.
  • Let your PA organise while you work
    Instead of spending your time planning your schedule and creating to do lists, you can simply start working. Your personal assistant can plan your day for you while you get things done, massively boosting your productivity!
  • A PA can perform errands for you
    In addition to dealing with work related tasks, a PA can help to streamline other areas of your life by performing errands. This could include picking up some groceries, shopping, collection of dry cleaning and much more.
  • Delegate some of those mundane tasks to your PA
    No one really enjoys dealing with a massive email inbox first thing Monday morning. Your PA can handle all of these kinds of time-consuming tasks on your behalf!

June 6, 2016

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