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Have You Considered A Couple?

In the long term recruiting a couple is cheaper! 

Is your household in dire need of multiple members of private staff who possess specialist household and estate management skills? Are you daunted by the prospect of locating these highly skilled and trustworthy members of private staff? Have you been reluctant to hire domestic support due to the expensive rates that you have encountered online? If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then you may wish to consider hiring a professional domestic couple.

Simply put, professional domestic couples are highly skilled and extremely component employees who will have worked together within the private staff industry for many years. As such, these candidates will have amassed a combined wealth of specialist attributes which will sufficiently equip them to manage all aspects of your household in an efficient and diligent manner. However, what sets professional domestic couples apart from conventional private staff support is the fact that their joint salaries and shared accommodation living arrangements will be far more cost-effective for your household than if you recruited individual members of staff to perform the same tasks. Consequently, if you have been searching for dedicated, extensively qualified yet affordable domestic staff then the following guide will illustrate why hiring a professional household couple may be an eminently beneficial, and financially viable, option for your family:

The Duties Of A Household Couple

Professional domestic couples can be relied upon to carry out a broad range of household duties and estate management tasks depending upon the size of your estate, the individual requirements of your household and your family’s daily personal and professional schedules.

For instance, you can arrange for your professional domestic couple to maintain all aspects of your household in a clean and presentable condition; from washing and ironing your family’s clothes to dusting, vacuuming and cleaning your entire home on a regular basis. This private domestic staff team can also be relied upon to carry out general DIY maintenance on your garden or estate grounds and to complete frequent security checks whilst you and your family are away on business trips and leisure excursions. If you so wish, a professional domestic couple can also perform personal errands for your family such as; driving your children to and from school, transporting your children to their various extracurricular activities, caring for and walking your family pets, carrying out your weekly food shopping and collecting your dry cleaning, amongst other duties.

Whilst meeting prospective domestic staff candidates, you will find that many professional household couples possess a series of specialist skills; from cooking and managerial expertise to targeted financial acumen and a proficiency with vehicle repairs and mechanical work. As a result, you will be able to hire a professional domestic couple who possess particular attributes and practical skills that complement the individual needs of your family. In this manner, you could arrange for your professional domestic couple to prepare nutritious meals for you and your family, to maintain your household vehicles and machinery in an acceptable condition, to oversee any home renovation work or garden landscaping projects currently in operation, to manage the day-to-day practices of your other members of private staff, and to organise formal events and social gatherings whereupon they will greet your guests, serve them drinks and provide a catering service for the event in question amongst other duties. If your professional domestic couple possess linguistic or musical abilities then they could even tutor your children in order to broaden these aspects of their academic and cultural education.

Ultimately, irrespective of the particular professional domestic couple that you choose, you can rest assured that they will be able to carry out a myriad of household maintenance responsibilities and estate management duties for your family in the smoothest and most efficient manner possible.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Household Couple

At Eden Private Staff, our search consultancy team have operated within the private staff industry for over 25 years. During this time we have witnessed how hiring a professional domestic couple can be extremely beneficial for all the members of a family.

Firstly, from a purely financial perspective, hiring a professional domestic couple to oversee your daily household operations is a far more cost-effective method than hiring individual members of private staff. This is due to the fact that a professional domestic couple will collect a joint salary and reside in shared accommodation; thereby costing your household substantially less money than you would otherwise have to expend on housing individual members of staff in separate accommodation suites.

Moreover, due to the fact that the majority of professional domestic couples are married they enjoy working together and, as such, these household couples usually remain working for their employer on a long term basis. This contentment with their employment situation means that they will often work more productively and carry out a multitude of household tasks that would otherwise require at least three or four members of private staff to perform. Subsequently, by employing a professional domestic couple you can reduce your employee turnover rates and conserve your household finances all the while retaining dedicated and efficient private staff support.

In addition to these substantial financial savings, by hiring a professional domestic couple you can rest assured that your household will be managed by a competent and dependable team. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of household couples will have worked within the private staff industry for many years; during which time they will have amassed a multitude of glowing references from satisfied employers. This extensive on-the-job experience will have also equipped these household couples with relevant industry-specific insights that they can utilise to rapidly resolve all manner of domestic dilemmas.

Furthermore, these seasoned professional domestic couples will have also earned a wide range of academic accreditations and practical skills throughout their careers that will benefit your family. Regardless of whether you would like your household couple to teach your children a second language or whether you would prefer your professional private staff team to possess comprehensive mechanical knowledge with which to maintain your collection of classic cars, there are currently a vast array of professional domestic couples operating within the private staff industry who possess the necessary attributes to accommodate for your family’s particular needs and interests. For these reasons, professional domestic couples often become an intrinsic part of a household for many years; during which time they enrich their employer’s quality of lives by imparting their wealth of knowledge and plethora of practical skills to various generations of the family!

How Eden Private Staff Can HelpEden Private Staff Private Household Couple

All in all, by hiring a professional domestic couple your family can benefit from exceptional domestic maintenance support which will significantly improve your quality of life without substantially reducing your household finances.

At Eden Private Staff, our bespoke search consultancy service has matched thousands of clients with their ideal professional domestic couples who have remained in their employment for multiple generations. We attribute this success to the high calibre of private staff that we employ as well as our innovative candidate selection process. Consequently, by collaborating with our team of adept search consultants we can match you with a professional domestic couple whose particular academic certifications and career experience will best accommodate the specific requirements of your household.

If you decide that you wish to hire a professional domestic couple for your household then we can arrange a meeting at your earliest convenience with one of our highly skilled Eden Private staff search consultants. During this meeting we will assess your household’s specific administrative needs, evaluate your particular domestic requirements and gain a comprehensive understanding of the specific private staff personality traits that will best compliment your family.

Based upon this extensive client evaluation we will be able to present you with the curriculum vitae, references, photographs and additional information of three pairs of our most suitable professional domestic couple applicants. From this point onwards you will have the complete liberty to arrange interviews with your preferred candidates wherein you can get to know them better, resolve any concerns that you may have, and establish the parameters of your private staff employment arrangements.

If you have any further inquiries regarding professional domestic couples and the ways in which they could benefit your household, please feel free to contact Eden Private Staff today. If you wish, you can also view the profiles of some of our recently registered household couples via our company website. At the end of the day, with the help of our bespoke search consultancy service you can quickly and efficiently begin to be matched with an exemplary professional domestic couple who could stand to benefit your entire family for many years to come.

September 28, 2015

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