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Hiring A Farm Manager

It is not always possible for a landowner to manage the day-to-day operation and business affairs on their farms. Some landowners live too far away from the farm for this to be feasible whist others may inherit a farm or purchase a farm as an investment and need an experienced Farm Manager with a solid understanding of the business side of a farm operation to handle the details.

Farm Managers are generally employed to oversee all aspects of managing a property although responsibilities can be incredibly varied due to the fact that each farm is unique. This role is often associated with large-scale operations, but these days a growing number of busy small-scale operations are also realising the benefits of turning to a manager to benefit from their experience and know how.

Do You Need To Hire A Farm Manager?

If you lack the time, knowledge or skills to achieve the goals you have for your farm, you would certainly benefit from hiring help. Techniques and practices within the farming industry have evolved in keeping with cultural changes and continual technological advances. An experienced farm manager with up to date skills will have in depth farming knowledge and the insight to develop your farm and run it successfully using their broad expertise in business, marketing and operations.

Establishing Your Requirements

Hiring the right Farm Manager requires a great deal of forethought and care in terms of establishing exactly what you need and outlining your requirements prior to beginning your search for the right candidate. Establishing your needs will aid you in outlining the responsibilities and duties of the role and the skills you require your Farm Manager to possess.

For example, responsibilities could include:

  • Recruitment and supervision of farm hands and employees
  • Responsibility for health and safety standards on the farm
  • Creating and adhering to budgets
  • Maintaining accurate financial records
  • Purchase of supplies and equipment
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Marketing

The skills and qualifications you require from your candidate will largely depend on the type and scale of your current operation and your future goals for development. Many farm owners are looking for ways to diversify in order to expand and generate new income streams. Where this is the case, these goals should be considered in terms of the suitable candidate’s previous experience.

Creating a defined list of the skills you require will help you to eliminate unsuitable candidates prior to the interview stage.

Skills to consider could include:

  • Previous management experience
  • Hands on experience with farm equipment and machinery
  • Technological proficiency and knowledge
  • Level of organisational skills
  • Marketing background and experience
  • Budgeting experience and skills
  • Speciality training in crops and livestock
  • Negotiation skills
  • Confident decision maker
  • Up to date knowledge of DEFRA regulations

Where To Begin Your Search?

Running a farm can be incredibly demanding and stressful, particularly during the busiest points during in the season such as harvesting and lambing time. Whether you are looking for an experienced manager to take over and oversee your operation, or a skilled professional who can help you to expand and diversify your farm successfully, please feel free to contact Eden Private Staff today.

With our years of experience in matching clients with the ideal candidates to meet their needs, you can rely on us to select and put forward the kind of reliable and experienced private staff you are looking for.

November 16, 2015

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Eden Private Staff remain open and committed to providing an exceptional level of service. Our team are available for calls and enquiries and at this stage still able to help you and your family find the right personnel for your requirements. We will be introducing candidates via video calls and following the latest guidance from the government
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