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If you are considering employing one person or a whole team of household staff to look after your home and family, then read on to find out more about the variety of roles and some of the great benefits you could look forward to.

There are a vast array of professional household staff that could be considered for the unique role(s) you have in mind – some you may not even have thought of yet!

So, here is a guideline of the roles & positions that Eden Private Staff recruit for:

You may need help on a part-time, temporary or seasonal basis. Whatever the nature of your requirement, we can help.

We only work with experienced and professional candidates, who have a proven track record, solid work history and a commitment to their role.

In order to provide the best and most suitable people for you, we will have taken care of the all-important due diligence before you even see a CV. This means you can have reassurance and peace of mind that whoever you choose to interview will be the best available for the role.

Simply put, we advertise, screen, interview, reference check and security check in all candidates in advance and before we make any introductions.

When you have the right person/people in place you can enjoy a smooth running household and more time to do the things you enjoy or simply more time to spend with your family and friends.

If you think we could fill a particular role for you, then please call us on

020 7471 6000.

The Eden Team will offer you professional advice and comprehensive solutions for sourcing the right people for your unique requirements.

We look forward to speaking with you very soon…

November 26, 2020

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Eden Private Staff remain open and committed to providing an exceptional level of service. Our team are available for calls and enquiries and at this stage still able to help you and your family find the right personnel for your requirements. We will be introducing candidates via video calls and following the latest guidance from the government
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