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Housekeeper Jobs

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Housekeeper Jobs

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Looking to start a career as a private housekeeper? A private housekeeper job is an incredibly fulfilling career that can help you build memories that last a lifetime. Below we provide answers to some frequently asked questions about private housekeeper jobs

Private Housekeeper Job Description FAQ

Housekeeper Responsibilities, Duties and Skills

What are the duties and responsibilities of a housekeeper?

  • To ensure that a house remains organized, clean and tidy
  • Stay up to date with laundry, ironing and wardrobe management
  • Cooking for the family
  • Running errands and organizing the house
  • Driving (doing necessary errands and school errands, etc.)
  • Deal with merchants who can come to the house and supervise their work
  • Specialized skills such as maintaining a sewing or antique wardrobe and other objects
  • Caring for an animal

What skills do you need to be a good housekeeper?

  • The ability to identify what needs to be done in a house
  • Create systems if and when needed and/or maintain them
  • Excellent time management
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Knowledge of products/fabrics/surfaces

Is a housekeeper required to do laundry?

Yes, a housekeeper is required to do laundry for a client. Washing, ironing, and handwashing will all need to be done. 

What jobs are involved in a basic house clean?

  • Generally tidying up
  • Regular cleaning of the kitch, bathroom, public areas and household toilets
  • Regular dusting and hoovering of the household
  • Daily bedmaking

How long does it take to clean a client’s house?

Unfortunately, we cannot answer that question because it entirely depends on the size of the client’s house.

What are general housekeeping rules?

  • High attention to detail, especially when cleaning
  • Not cutting corners
  • Client discretion

Housekeeping Career Advice

Can housekeeping be a career?

Housekeeping can be an excellent career for some as it offers an incredibly large amount of progression. A housekeeper can progress to become a head housekeeper or even a household manager.

Is housekeeping a good job?

Housekeeping is an excellent job for the right person and comes with excellent competitive salaries. Many housekeeper jobs pay more than the standard office job.

Housekeeper Salary

How much does a housekeeper get paid per hour?

Depending on the role and the person’s experience, a housekeeper can typically earn between £11 – £13 per hour. Full-time housekeepers, depending on their level can earn between £26 – £43k a year.

How do housekeepers get paid?

Housekeepers will be paid via payroll

How many hours does a housekeeper work?

In the UK housekeepers generally, work 40 hours a week. Many housekeepers work Monday to Friday via a shift or a rota.

Cleaning Lady vs Housekeeper

What’s the difference between a cleaning lady and a housekeeper?

While a cleaning lady is expected to clean a house through a required and specific set of instructions a housekeeper is generally considered to be more of a free thinker when it comes to their role. A housekeeper will be required to run the household more, oversee and tradesmen, keep track of house stocks and create an inventory of household items.

Is there a difference between a maid and a housekeeper?

Similar to a clean a maid will work under instruction and requires more instruction within their job role.

Executive Housekeeper & House Manager

What are the duties of an executive housekeeper?

  • Supervising other housekeepers or household staff
  • Assisting the house manager
  • Organising the household
  • Impeccable housekeeping standards
  • Doing spot checks

What are the responsibilities of a house manager?

  • Running the household or establishment
  • supervising housekeepers and cleaners
  • Spot checking
  • Being hands-on when needed to make sure all duties are performed to an excellent standard