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Inspiration For A Lockdown Detox

Finding lockdown is taking a toll on your body and mind?

Of course, there is no one-size fits all for what makes us feel good as individuals, but spring is the season of new beginnings and a new lease of life. During this troubled and uncertain period, it is important to re-centre yourself in positivity and remember, being in lockdown whilst being on good form is certainly possible.

The word ‘detox’ may fill you with dread, but not to fear, we are not prescribing radical juice cleanses or a ban on Sunday morning lie-ins. Instead, if you have found yourself slipping into that lethargic lockdown bubble, we suggest you take a revitalised approach to your wellbeing and focus on small changes for big results. Preparing your mind and body for what is no doubt going to be a challenging year ahead will ensure you bounce back faster and keep your head held high amongst all the chaos – both of which we shall all need in abundance.

  1. Morning ‘super smoothies’:

Smoothies are a perfect quick way to pump your body full of detoxifying and health-giving ingredients. Try blending up citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons, which are packed with vitamins, or an assortment of berries which will feed your body with essential antioxidants. Also don’t hold back on the vegetables: throw in fibre and nutrient-rich spinach leaves, kale, carrots and cucumber to balance out the sweetness of the fruit. As a final finishing touch, add potent anti-inflammatory active ingredients such as turmeric and virus-fighting ginger (especially if you are feeling run-down). Blend together, adding coconut water or lemon-water to taste, and help your body feel more alive than ever!

  1. Upgrade your favourite meals:

Helping your body detox and regenerate does not have to mean you miss out on those soul-warming comfort foods which you always look forward to. All that is required is a few ingredient substitutions and you are set! Morning pancake lover? No problem. Simply swap out regular flour for buckwheat flour and add in matcha green tea – a strong detoxifier filled with chlorophyll – for extra oomph. Top with nuts and a natural sweetener such as maple syrup if needed and enjoy your power-packed green pancakes! Alternatively, if your lunches usually involve a typical Caesar or Niçoise salad, exchange heavy dairy-based dressings with extra virgin olive oil, herbs (cilantro and garlic work best!) and lemon juice to achieve bold favour with maximum protection against oxidation and disease. For the salad itself, ingredients such as leafy greens, avocado and cauliflower are excellent flavourful additions that provide an array of vitamins and monosaturated fats to elevate your bodily function.

  1. Meditation:

To take care of the mind, meditation is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Meditating in a quiet and calm environment can turn any stubborn bad day into one of tranquillity and hope. Stress seems to be everywhere in our external world but changing our perspective on difficult situations and calming our internal worlds is a skill with infinite benefits. Start small, with perhaps 10-15 minutes per day, and work upwards to an amount which is challenging and rewarding. The benefits will mostly become apparent after your first few sessions as you get familiar with the technique: your mood will lift automatically; the body and mind will feel more relaxed and even brain concentration will be sharpened. If you are consistent in the long term, even the structure of your brain and physiology can be altered for the better; giving you great power over stress management and a stable, positive headspace. There is no better way to start this season than to emotionally detox your mind from all those negative thoughts and anxieties, creating a lighter and brighter version of yourself. In 2021 we need as much positivity as we can get!

  1. Natural herbs:

A secret to putting the spring back in your step is herbal remedies. Multivitamins are definitely useful but going back to basics and sourcing from mother nature will provide that detoxifying effect which we should use to our advantage. Milk thistle is a popular choice, as it stimulates the growth of new healthy cells and aids the body in its clear up of toxins. It can be taken in the form of tea or liquid drops to put in your water, but either way, your body can rid itself of any built-up toxicity more effectively if you incorporate it into your diet. Dandelion is also a saviour for flushing out those stubborn toxins deep in your cells and will spring-clean your kidneys and liver to the max. The common form of ingestion is within a tonic or pill but if you buy online, look for a product as chemical free as possible, so your body remains free from artificial elements. Other herbs which will lift you out of stagnation include nettle and burdock, both of which have the added benefit of promoting glowing skin. Nature’s natural medicine-cabinet of plants are so useful in rejuvenating the body and will nurture the detox process until you feel like a new soul!

  1. Be in nature:

Getting outside to see that sunset or enjoy the afternoon sunshine may seem rather cliché and old, but there really is something special about fresh air and seeing the sky. For one person it might remind them of the huge world and opportunities, for another it might simply mean some time for thinking and reflection. Regardless of your connection to nature, taking a brisk walk or run in a local park or nature reserve will clear the mind and clear out the body’s winter cobwebs. If you make the most of the natural world where you can, you will find energy comes to you effortlessly and spring will seem that extra bit more hopeful.

Some or all of these simple ideas can be easily incorporated into your daily routine and hopefully you will soon start to see & feel their benefits.

Good luck!

February 4, 2021

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