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Is It Time For A Personal Assistant?

If you are currently pursuing a promising professional career whilst simultaneously raising a family you will be aware that it can be an incredibly enriching and emotionally rewarding experience. Unfortunately, you will probably also be aware that the act of juggling your business responsibilities with managing your family’s fluctuating day-to-day schedules can often be extremely stressful. In these instances, it is completely natural to feel tired, stressed and frustrated that there are not enough hours in the day to fulfil all of your personal and professional obligations. However, at Eden Private Staff we strongly believe that all of our esteemed clients should have the liberty to maintain both a highly influential business career and a content family life to the best of their ability without feeling exhausted and constantly restricted by a lack of time.

Fortunately there is an eminently effective solution to this dilemma; hiring a personal assistant. By equipping yourself with a dedicated and highly skilled personal assistant you can ensure that all of your personal responsibilities and professional duties are managed in an extremely efficient manner. This individually tailored one-to-one support will enable you to harmonise every single aspect of your daily life and, in so doing, facilitate the ideal balance between your work life and your home life. Therefore, if you have been searching for a simple yet highly effective solution for tackling your ever-increasing workload then the following guide will illustrate why hiring a personal assistant may be the answer to your problems:

The Duties Of A Personal Assistant

A personal assistant can perform a wide range of duties for you and your family depending upon your daily career schedule and your household’s particular logistical requirements. Irrespective of whether you work from home or at an external office site, whether you manage a thriving business with multiple employees or if you have just begun to launch your own company, a personal assistant can oversee all manner of administrative duties to help you balance your personal and professional schedules.

For instance, your personal assistant can be responsible for handling all of your correspondence, scheduling business meetings, creating inventories, organising your company’s financial records and important documents, liaising with clients and the media as well as overseeing your current and prospective career operations. If you are required to travel abroad for business purposes then your personal assistant can even attend executive business meetings in your absence and notify you of any minor or major developments in your various professional projects whilst you are away. This committed one-to-one professional support means that you can rest assured that whatever the hour, whatever the occasion, you will be able to rely upon a competent and trustworthy aide to implement efficient business solutions.

In addition to carrying out these administrational duties from your home office or external business site, you will also be able to depend upon your personal assistant to manage your domestic affairs. If you wish, your personal assistant can be responsible for managing your private property portfolios and domestic finances; thereby ensuring that your household will be run in a smooth and fiscally efficient manner whilst you are fulfilling your important business obligations. You will be able to instruct your personal assistant to manage, arrange payment and keep receipts for all your household’s bills as well as overseeing the invoice transactions for your various independent contractors or other members of domestic private staff. In addition to this financial guidance and accountancy support, your personal assistant can also be relied upon to organise any business trips or leisure travel excursions for you and your family, to arrange formal events and social gatherings that will be held at your home or alternative venues, to supervise any home renovation projects or construction work that is being carried out on your estate and even perform essential business and personal errands of your choosing.

Ultimately, by overseeing and managing the execution of all your professional and personal responsibilities, a personal assistant can ensure that your family’s daily schedules are harmonised with your career obligations. In this manner, a personal assistant can prove instrumental in restoring calm and balance to your life by alleviating you from feeling overwhelmed by your seemingly unending list of career and domestic responsibilities.

The Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant

There are numerous benefits of hiring a personal assistant because they can undertake a wealth of personal and professional responsibilities for their client. By recruiting a personal assistant you will be able to choose the best way to utilise your time on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that you will have the liberty to fulfil all of your necessary obligations without feeling that you are neglecting any other outstanding duties. Whereas you may have previously been forced to cancel doctor’s appointments and social gatherings due to a heavy workload, you can now delegate certain tasks to your personal assistant who will manage your professional affairs in a highly competent manner to your own preferred specifications.

Meanwhile, you will be able to confidently dedicate your time in the manner of your choosing; from preparing for important business negotiations to catching up on some quality family time. Instead of being feeling pulled in multiple directions, hiring a personal assistant will facilitate the opportunity for you to complete each of your personal and professional responsibilities as and when you choose; rather than simply responding to those which are the most urgent! As such, hiring a personal assistant will equip you with the ability to organise your domestic and business schedules at your leisure with complete reassurance that all of your affairs will be overseen by a diligent and extremely efficient individual.

The main reason why you will be able to rely upon your personal assistant in this manner will be the fact that they possess the sufficient qualifications and career background that is relevant to managing your business operations. After all, the majority of personal assistants will have amassed a broad range of computing, accounting and managerial academic accreditations in addition to possessing extensive on-the-job experience that they will have accrued by working within a variety of corporate and private staff settings.

As a result, these consummate professionals will be sufficiently equipped to offer astute financial and managerial assistance regarding all aspects of your daily business and domestic life. In this manner, a personal assistant can prove instrumental to improving the efficiency of your professional responsibilities because they will be able to prioritise your most important business activities and organise them into a daily, weekly and monthly schedule which will best promote your career prospects.

Moreover, due to the fact that a personal assistant will have consolidated a wide range of corporate and private staff career experience, they will possess a comprehensive understanding of the appropriate business etiquette and relevant management protocols for your particular field of industry. This means that they will be able to liaise with your clients, business partners and potential investors in a sincerely respectful manner which will consolidate your distinguished professional reputation.

Furthermore, by hiring a personal assistant you will also be able to rest assured that your household will be run as smoothly and efficiently as all of your business appointments and professional responsibilities. This is due to the fact that a personal assistant will be able to apply their keen organisational skills and diligent work ethic towards seamlessly harmonising all aspects of your family’s daily schedules with your professional obligations. What’s more, you will be able to depend upon your personal assistant’s adept financial acumen to manage, file and budget all of your various domestic finances, such as your household bills and private staff invoices, in as efficient a manner as possible. Consequently, by hiring an objective and extensively trained personal assistant you will be able to maintain a flexible day-to-day schedule which will in turn drastically reduce your stress levels. Above all else, having this type of consummate professional at your disposal at any given time can simultaneously enrich your family’s quality of life as well as facilitating your highly successful professional career.

How Eden Private Staff Can Help

Fundamentally, if you have been considering employing a personal assistant who will manage your professional obligations and support the daily operations of your household then Eden Private Staff can help. For the past 25 years we have matched our clients with exceptional private staff candidates who have enriched the quality of their employer’s business and domestic lives. Currently, we employ a diverse array of Private, Executive, Celebrity, Household and Nanny Personal Assistants who possess a broad spectrum of specialist expertise and extensive corporate and private staff career experience. By utilising our innovative candidate selection process, we can evaluate your individual personal assistant requirements and match you with a suitable candidate whose academic accreditations and career background will compliment the specific needs of your household.

If you have any further questions regarding personal assistants or concerning the logistics of our candidate selection process then please feel free to contact Eden Private Staff today and speak to Mark. With the help of our bespoke search consultancy service, you and your family can be equipped with a dedicated, highly qualified and extremely competent personal assistant who will manage all of your business and domestic responsibilities in order to ensure that every aspect of your personal and professional lives facilitates the calm, balance and peace of mind that you deserve.

September 9, 2015

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Eden Private Staff remain open and committed to providing an exceptional level of service. Our team are available for calls and enquiries and at this stage still able to help you and your family find the right personnel for your requirements. We will be introducing candidates via video calls and following the latest guidance from the government
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