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    A compassionate, dedicated, kind and hard working baby-led Maternity Nurse experienced in caring for single babies – Shamim Location: London and overseas
    Reference: CAEM-2051
    Reference: Shamim's gentle and supportive nature allows her to create a calm environment within which babies can thrive.
    Date Posted 20 Apr 2018
  2. Resume title
    An enthusiastic and engaging Midwife keen to share her impressive skill set supporting single babies and twins as a Maternity Nurse – Chrissy Location: UK and Overseas
    Reference: CAEM-2048
    Reference: An upbeat and friendly qualified Midwife adept at supporting single babies and twins. Chrissy has a particular skill offering advice on feeding issues and working with parents to build and grow their confidence.
    Date Posted 18 Apr 2018
  3. Resume title
    A talented and passionate Maternity Nanny with proven experience supporting weaning and other major developmental milestones – Kirsty Location: UK and Overseas
    Reference: CAEM-878
    Reference: With a warm and engaging personality, Kirsty is perfect for offering expert support to parents with young babies. With extensive knowledge and proven experience, Kirsty can teach and guide parents on how to manage the next stage of a baby's development.
    Date Posted 16 Apr 2018
  4. Resume title
    A highly sought after Maternity Nurse with extensive experience working as a registered Nurse specialising in the care of single babies and twins – Mary Location: UK and Overseas
    Reference: CAEM-2039
    Reference: An outstanding candidate with an impressive medical background, Mary is always in high demand for the expert care she offers families caring for both single babies and twins.
    Date Posted 12 Apr 2018
  5. Resume title
    A confident and well established Maternity Nurse with an impressive and diverse knowledge supporting single babies and twins – Ros Location: UK
    Reference: CAEM-2035
    Reference: With an extensive career within childcare, Ros can expertly navigate and support parents on all aspects of baby care
    Date Posted 11 Apr 2018
  6. Resume title
    An incredibly versatile Maternity Nurse with an excellent background caring for newborns with fantastic experience working in the UK and Overseas – Maria Location: London and Overseas
    Reference: CAEM-2018
    Reference: With a holistic and flexible approach caring for single babies, Maria can adapt her style to suit the needs of the family and has proven experience of integrating into a range of households.
    Date Posted 10 Apr 2018
  7. Resume title
    A hugely experienced Maternity Nurse with a forward thinking and flexible approach to supporting newborns – Christina Location: UK
    Reference: CAEM-2013
    Reference: A true expert on all aspects of baby care, Christina has a natural talent for sharing her expertise and has proven success of implementing flexible routines for families
    Date Posted 9 Apr 2018
  8. Resume title
    A vastly experienced and caring Maternity Nurse and Nanny with an impressive career caring for single babies and twins – Lisa Location: UK and Overseas
    Reference: CAEM-2008
    Reference: Gentle, and versatile in her approach, Lisa has fantastic knowledge caring for single babies and twins. With a love of sharing her knowledge, Lisa shines in roles where she can work with parents to guide them on all aspects of baby care.
    Date Posted 5 Apr 2018
  9. Resume title
    A highly experienced and dedicated Maternity Nurse with extensive knowledge within a clinical environment – Marianne Location: UK
    Reference: CAEM-2003
    Reference: With extensive knowledge of breastfeeding coupled with her holistic approach, Marianne works closely with parents to offer a fully inclusive level of support on all aspects of baby care.
    Date Posted 4 Apr 2018
  10. Resume title
    An energetic and hardworking Maternity Nanny with valuable experience of travelling with families during bookings – Petra Location: UK and Overseas
    Reference: CAEM-1999
    Reference: Kind, warm and loving, Petra has excellent knowledge working with families in both the UK and Overseas. Happy to offer advice on developmental milestones, as well as support around the home, Petra is the perfect candidate to support busy families.
    Date Posted 3 Apr 2018
  11. Resume title
    A wonderfully warm and caring Maternity Nurse with an extensive and impressive childcare career spanning nearly 30 years – Joy Location: London
    Reference: CAEM-1993
    Reference: Confident in her knowledge and able to guide and support parents in a warm and loving manner, Joy loves to share her wealth of knowledge to support parents.
    Date Posted 28 Mar 2018
  12. Resume title
    A supurb Maternity Nurse with proven experience of setting structured routines – Sofia Location: UK and Overseas
    Reference: CAEM-1990
    Reference: With a solid Maternity Nurse and Nanny career, Sofia has extensive knowledge supporting both newborns and older babies and loves roles where she can work with parents to build their confidence.
    Date Posted 27 Mar 2018
  13. Resume title
    An outstanding and extremely adaptable Maternity Nurse with an impressive medical background – Dawn Location: UK and Overseas
    Reference: CAEM-1985
    Reference: With a solid clinical background and a wealth of experience supporting babies as a Maternity Nurse, Dawn excels in roles where she is able to share her impressive knowledge of breastfeeding and can advise on all aspects of baby care.
    Date Posted 26 Mar 2018
  14. Resume title
    A highly experienced, hard-working and dedicated Maternity Nanny with Maternity Nurse training and a genuine passion and energy for caring for newborns and young babies – Melanie Location: UK and overseas
    Reference: CAEM-1945
    Reference: With a solid Nanny career, Melanie is perfect for Maternity Nanny roles where she can nurture and guide babies through the next stage of their development
    Date Posted 23 Mar 2018
  15. Resume title
    A calm and reassuring Maternity Nurse with a vast range of experience as a Nurse and Midwife in Australia and the UK – Barbara Location: UK and overseas
    Reference: CAEM-444
    Reference: A fantastic Maternity Nurse with an impressive career caring for babies with a particular strength of implementing successful routines
    Date Posted 16 Mar 2018
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