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Lock Up!


Whilst we are all keen to enjoy the summer months and spend more time outside, we should also be mindful of what might be vulnerable to theft if left out in the garden or if we leave our storage/outdoor areas less than secure.

Think gardening tools, garden furniture, bicycles, children’s toys, garden sheds/unlocked or open windows and barbeques.

FACT: Garden thefts increase in the summer by around 65%, so let’s look at some of the best security and relatively inexpensive tips to avoid you being the next target. Often common sense will prevail, but some of these ideas may be new to you and worth trying for your peace of mind.

  • Make It Difficult!: your main objective is to deter thieves from thinking about making your garden their next target as you have made it too easy for them, so, apart from a good guard dog (not always a practical solution!) think about planting defensive, prickly shrubs and bushes/hedging in certain areas of the garden such as around sheds and windows. A thorny pyracantha is a good place to start…
  • Brand it!: using an ultra violet pen, mark all your outdoor items of value with your postcode, so that in the event of a theft they can easily be identified.
  • Fix it!: make sure you check for any winter damage or wear and tear to sheds/doors/gates/windows and get them repaired.
  • Lock It!: check and replace locks and padlocks that may be too old/rusty or insufficiently strong for security purposes. There are plenty of good, strong locks available on the market.
  • Snap It!: it’s a really good idea to take photographs of all the valuable items you leave outside, so there is no uncertainty in identification if the worst happens.
  • Hide It!: sheds and outdoor buildings can often be a target as they are usually away from the main house. So, don’t leave everything in full view, put up blinds or curtains to hide the contents inside. Shield as much from view as possible.
  • Alarm It!: it’s not just sheds/buildings that will benefit from an alarm, how about simple sensor alarms that are triggered when an item is moved, such as a valuable statue or garden ornament.
  • Light It!: consider installing security lighting around your garden/premises. Lighting can deter or draw attention to thieves. Use energy saving bulbs activated by a dawn to dusk sensor.

  • Anchor It!: if your garden contains rare/valuable trees, they could be a target, so invest in tree anchors which are an unobtrusive way of securing semi-mature trees without the need for stakes and ties and also make them extremely difficult to move once the tree is in place.
  • Store It!: don’t forget to put gardening equipment/tools and any valuable items such as bicycles away after they have been used. It is too easy to leave items lying around for next time, but there may not be a next time if they are stolen, so get into good habits right from the start.

Just a few simple changes could be just what your garden/property needs in order to keep things safe and secure. So, don’t delay in sorting it out and then you can relax and enjoy the summer!

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July 24, 2019

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