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The Nanny Transition

Children will form a strong emotional attachment to their Nanny, so when the time comes for her to leave and move on, a little support will help them to cope with this transition successfully and adjust to this change.

Despite the fact that children will often feel initially devastated at the loss of their beloved Nanny, this transition will help them to learn that they can form new connections and love new people throughout the various stages of their lives. The ability to form strong relationships is a crucial quality for any child to develop because it lays the foundation for healthy connections and relationships with others later on in life.

Working through this important life lesson can help children to gain an understanding of the way that relationships can change and take on a different shape without being lost altogether.

Explain The Reason For Leaving As Openly & Honestly As Possible

With an amicable goodbye, you should be able to explain the reason why the Nanny is leaving to your child quite openly and honestly, whilst making it clear to your child that they did not nothing wrong to make her want to move on.

With a more sudden and permanent, goodbye, you will probably need to be a little vaguer about the details, but providing an age appropriate explanation will help your child to understand what is going on and removes the risk of them placing any blame for the situation on themselves.

Acknowledging Feelings

Children cope in very different ways; some are incredibly resilient and will simply get on with it, others however, will take a little longer to adjust to this change.

During this period of adjustment, some children will naturally miss their old Nanny and feel sad and it is important for them to be able to express these feelings. Maintaining some form of contact can be a great way for a child to learn that their Nanny is still a part of their life, albeit not on a daily basis.

Keeping In Touch

Your Nanny may approach the subject of keeping in touch with your child, as the majority of Nannies take great pride in maintaining a connection with the children they have cared for, but there is nothing to stop you raising this discussion yourself.

With older children who are capable of maintaining a relationship via social media sites, phone calls or email this is often a natural process, whereas younger children will depend on the adults in their life to facilitate their contact with a former Nanny.

Children love to send and receive their own mail so sending drawings, photographs, cards or letters can be a wonderful way to stay in touch and retain a sense of continuity.

It is important to note that it is not just children who grow attached. Particularly in longer placements, a very personal relationship can develop between a Nanny and the whole family! Many families will arrange visits with a former Nanny during holidays or on a special occasion such as their child’s birthday party.

Whether through birthday and Christmas cards, or occasional visits, it isn’t unusual for a Nanny to remain in touch with families and the children she has cared for throughout their childhood and well beyond.

Choosing A New Nanny

Allowing older children some involvement in the selection process for their new Nanny can be a positive way to help them adjust. Children may look at the world through a very different vantage point, but they can be incredibly perceptive and intuitive when it comes to sussing out adults and sizing them up!

Once your family has identified the perfect candidate to fill the role of new Nanny you can help to set the wheels of a positive new relationship in motion by giving her all of the details and information she needs about your child to ease into her new position smoothly.

Your child will soon see that although the new nanny is a completely different person, with her own unique personality, it is still possible to have lots of fun with her. Before you know it, your child will be enjoying some of the familiar activities they did with the former nanny and benefiting from all of the new and interesting things that are introduced by this new important person in their life!



February 4, 2015

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