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Portraits by Caroline de Peyrecave

Eden Private Staff PortraitsLife moves so fast these days and in this high productivity, social-media dominated, artificial intelligence world, time almost seems to be speeding up.

Unique events, experiences, encounters and happenings come thick and fast and we are all making new memories all the time.

The pace of life can be exciting, invigorating and even thrilling, yet holding onto the really precious memories is becoming increasingly challenging.

Of course, we have photos and videos and a plethora of ways of sharing and enjoying them.  They are moments-in-time captured and they can bring back brilliant memories, but we have so much access to them nowadays, that they have almost stopped being special.

As a counter to this electronic overload and as a wonderful way to create a truly enduring memory, more and more people are turning back to portraiture.  Paintings featuring families, friends and even ourselves, not only capture a time, but do so using a medium that is in itself inherently special and a brilliantly painted portrait delivers a depth and an intimacy that a photograph never could.

Caroline de Peyrecave is an award-winning portrait artist, dedicated to the highest quality and professionalism in portraiture. She says that her clients look to her to create something unique, timeless and particular to their memories. It could be a family group, a series of child portraits over time as they grow up or a classic portrait reflecting a special achievement.

Caroline works, by commission, in her Surrey Hills studio, using a classical foundation that underpins her ability to capture exceptional likeness and her ability to forge great relationships with her sitters.  Caroline says: “by painting the moment in oil, I am able to capture a ‘presence’ which would otherwise be very hard to capture.”

Her clients agree: “I’ve never posed for a painting before, so I was uncertain about the experience. However, sitting for Caroline was akin to having a relaxed conversation with a friend over tea or coffee. I initially wondered if I could remain still for such a prolonged period, but it wasn’t like that. It was an enjoyable experience, not what one would expect. I hadn’t laughed so much in ages, and the outcome is truly breath-taking.” – Mark MacLaine.

So, not only is portraiture a lovely way to preserve moments-in-time and the wonderful times in our lives in the best way possible, but the process itself adds to our memories and experiences.

Please contact Caroline to discuss a commission or for further advice and information.


May 26, 2023

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