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Prep School, Blandford, Dorset

We recently featured the school as a wonderful destination not only for local children and UK boarders, but for international parents as well, seeking a typical English prep school education for their daughter, up to the age of 13years.

We have decided to write about them once again, as the amazing teachers at the school deserve a huge amount of credit for their handling of the curriculum during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Like most schools, the Knighton House team were literally thrown in at the deep end from day one of school closures.  Key workers’ children were immediately looked after at school in line with government advice and all other pupils were primed to ‘get ready’ for some virtual learning fun!

Knighton has a special way of making the curriculum interesting and exciting and this newly adapted curriculum was no exception.

I would invite you to have a look at their incredible ‘Summer Term Curriculum Booklet (KED@Home: Knowledge, Enlightenment, Discovery) to discover the extent of their creativity and understanding of how far they needed to modify in order to deliver meaningful distance learning for all their pupils.

The Knighton House booklet can be found on: – Covid-19 Update/read more/click to download.

And in their own words, when the summer term commenced:

Although physically closed, Knighton House remains very much open. Our children are engaged with our KED@Home online curriculum put together by our exceptional teaching staff to ensure that whilst the school may be closed, teaching and learning continues. Building on Knighton’s Knowledge, Enlightenment and Discovery curriculum, we have put together a programme of study designed to keep our learning dispositions at its centre. We have a balance of key skills, consolidation and challenges that will enable the children to join in the learning, whilst keeping stress and anxiety at bay.

These are extraordinary times; we have never been here before, and we want you and your children to come out the other side of this event ever more equipped to face a challenge, in learning and in life.’

Cities and overly congested areas of the UK (and the world) have suffered the worst cases and numbers of coronavirus.  This may lead to families considering a move to a less populated and built up area. More houses with gardens and proximity to parks and green spaces will be sought after in greater numbers.

Schools such as Knighton House will benefit hugely from an influx of children to the countryside and if you are already thinking about moving, then why not put this fabulous school on your list of places to visit too!

For admissions and general enquiries please telephone: 01258 452065 or


July 13, 2020

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