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Private Chefs

Employing a Private Chef will provide you with wonderful opportunities to explore all those foods you enjoy when you dine out, in the comfort of your own home, with an added personal twist perhaps!

All your favourite meals and many new ones are at your fingertips when you employ a Private Chef to look after you and your family. You may be hoping to free up more time for yourself/your family, by spending less time in the kitchen, you may have specific dietary needs that need to be carefully catered for. You or a family member may be following a post-operative, special diet following surgery or you may entertain a great deal at home and need the services of a professional Chef. Whatever your particular need (and it may just be that you dislike cooking!) employing a Private Chef will undoubtedly be a godsend for you and your household and you won’t look back.

Private Chefs are becoming increasingly popular and many will have attained a professional qualification. Some Private Chefs will also have gained corporate catering experience and most will have experience of a wide range of cuisine, from British, Mediterranean, and French, to Asian, Middle Eastern, Japanese and Fusion.

Often a private chef will work in more than one location and some will be required to travel with their employer either on business or when on holiday.

Every role will of course be unique, according to the type of skills, knowledge and experience required. You may be looking for a Chef who specialises in International cuisine, is knowledgeable about food allergies and intolerances or can just create good, nourishing family meals. Fundamentally though, you can expect the role of a Private Chef to include some or all of the following duties:

  • Liaison with the employer with regard to ideas & menu planning – daily for household meals or special events & dinner parties
  • Responsibility for food shopping/on line ordering
  • Preparing and cooking meals
  • Responsibility for kitchen budgets/accounts
  • Maintaining high standards of hygiene and food safety in the kitchen
  • Maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen/workspace
  • Liaising with food suppliers
  • Occasional ‘demonstrations’ or cookery lessons
  • In larger households, managing a small team or working alongside a Housekeeper/House Manager

Eden can source temporary seasonal Chefs to work for you over the Christmas & New Year period or part/full-time Chefs to look after you for as long as you like!

 Begin 2022 with a Private Chef and start enjoying their special skills.

Whatever type of Private Chef you are looking for, Eden can provide you with advice and further information. Our thorough search will lead you to find the best candidate for your household.

The Eden Household Team look forward to speaking with you soon and can be contacted on 0207 471 6000

December 16, 2021

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