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The Pros & Cons Of Life As A Celebrity Assistant

Celebrities usually lead very busy and exciting lives, often traveling, making media appearances, working in multiple locations and attending star-studded events. Most celebrities hire a celebrity assistant to help them manage their busy schedules and private affairs.

But what is it like to work as a celebrity assistant? Is it as glamorous and exciting as it sounds? To help you understand more about the life of a celebrity assistant, here are a few of the pros and cons!

The pros of working as a celebrity assistant

You will probably get to travel

In many cases, a celebrity’s personal assistant will travel overseas with their client for press tours and other work obligations. Many celebrity employers like to have their assistant nearby and able to help them immediately if required. For the celebrity assistant, getting to see many different parts of the world can be a great perk!

Celebrity assistants will invariably meet many other celebrities

If you like mixing with the rich and famous, you are sure to enjoy working as a celebrity assistant. As you help your celebrity employer manage their daily activities, you are very likely to encounter other celebrities, which can be very exciting!

An attractive salary

Most celebrities are happy to provide a generous salary for the right PA. You may even receive some fringe benefits like clothing, gift bags, and other presents from your employer. In the past, some celebrity assistants have received significant gifts from their celebrity employers including cars and homes!

It is very rewarding to help someone achieve great things

It can be very rewarding to see your employer work and accomplish great things. As a celebrity PA, you play an important role in the success of your employer’s career, which means you can obtain a great deal of joy from witnessing them do well.

The cons of working as a celebrity assistant

This is generally a high-stress role

Working for a celebrity assistant can be very demanding, as you will be required to perform a wide variety of tasks quickly and efficiently. This could include answering phone calls and taking messages, shopping, planning an itinerary, packing bags, posting items, collecting mail, preparing meals and much more.

You must be polite and friendly while you accomplish all of these tasks, despite the fact that you may often be dealing with very busy and stressed out people. Some celebrity clients are also notorious for being highly-strung and demanding. You must therefore be very skilled at handling all problems diplomatically and patiently. 

Unusual and unpredictable hours

Celebrity assistants often have to travel with their employer and follow them to various events. Some of these events may be very early in the morning or extremely late at night. For example, if you are working for a celebrity who is a film star, you might have to follow them to a movie set at 4am. If your client attends a party, you may be required to be available until 3am! It is common for celebrity assistants to work 10 to 12 hours a day for 6 days a week.

Celebrity assistants may be asked to frequently relocate

Some celebrities spend a great deal of time abroad, either for work or for pleasure. They may visit many different countries each year, often for extended periods. You may be asked to relocate at a moment’s notice, which can interfere with your social life. Are you in a position where you can quickly hop on a plane and spend 3-months in Australia whilst your client films a movie there?

You may have to deal with children

Many celebrity assistants find themselves performing tasks they were not expecting to, including childcare! If your celebrity employer has children, make sure you are comfortable with caring for them, because you never know when you may be asked to step in and help out.

You may be involved in some tricky situations

The primary duty of a celebrity assistant is to make sure their client is safe, well looked-after and happy. If your celebrity likes to party a lot, this can be hard work at times! In some cases, you may have to save your celebrity client from tricky situations, and this requires a great deal of tact and poise.

Working as a celebrity assistant clearly has some incredible benefits, but do not forget it is also hard work. This can be a very exciting and glamorous job at times, but on the flip side, it can be incredibly challenging and exhausting at others!


July 27, 2016

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