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Residential Security Assessment

The multi- layered approach to assessing the security of a building has been adapted to prime residential property. Developed during Rick Mounfield’s Master’s Degree in security management, the residential security assessment has become a highly desireable service.

The survey is approached in concentric rings that consider the estate and its location to ensure that an intruder is detected at the earliest opportunity. The aim of the recommendations are primarily to deter, impede and detect a criminal.


In order to deter a criminal from attempting to trespass to commit burglary, it is vital that the criminal feels vulnerable within the perimeter. All criminals will risk assess their target and weigh up whether the chance of being seen and arrested is more likely than getting away with the possessions they are hoping to steal. Eden uses crime prevention through environmental design techniques and defensible space theories to make the criminal believe that he will be caught in the act. By making recommendations that blend good ground keeping, physical barriers and high tech security equipment, a deterrence is achieved.


If however, the criminal is more daring than most, they may decide that the gains outweigh the risk and so it is paramount that they are impeded in their attempt. At the perimeter and gates, intelligent solutions can make it more difficult to scale a wall or drive into the estate. All countermeasures that are recommended are considered to ensure they enhance the look of the estate. High fences and aggressive architecture will only make a home feel like a military establishment and that is unacceptable. All recommendations will at least delay the criminal ensuring that the Police have time to reach the property before the criminal reaches the home.


Detection at the earliest opportunity offers the family time to retreat into a safe area and call the Police or allow their security staff to deal with the intrusion. Intruder detection systems and intelligent CCTV systems will alert the family to an intruder and allow them to be observed from safety. Security staff can gather evidence and alert Police with the benefit of being able to give accurate descriptions and locations so that they can be found and positively identified for prosecution.

The layers of security start at the furthest point from the residence and gradually consider areas closer to the home, ending with the interior of the home.

A crime pattern analysis affords a realistic picture of the prevalent crimes in that region. Together with the family’s profile, this offers intelligence into where the threats lie. Liaison with local Police offers local insight and contacts that the family can call upon should they notice suspicious activity that may be a reconnaissance for a crime.

The perimeter is examined to assess areas that can be scaled or breached. Secluded areas may be installed with CCTV to mitigate the risk. Gates, especially automated gates can be a weak point if the gate closes too slowly. Ornate gates can offer climbing aids that are easily reached.

The grounds and family gardens can afford hidden routes to the home if trees are not kept and foliage is overgrown. At night, this foliage can offer shadows to hide in, especially if harsh lighting is used. Landscaping should enhance a residence without restricting the security measures.

Residential built security The doors and windows of a residence are obviously, the most likely entry point. Security rated doors may be the answer but sometimes, listed building restrictions can prohibit alterations to the building. Innovative solutions are required that are commensurate with the risk of entry at any point. The application of vibration sensors, laminates and window security features are invisible and very effective in preventing a forced entry. Doors that can be replaced can be upgraded to security rated doors with enhanced locking systems and electronic access control including biometrics.

The family and assets are the purpose of the security assessment. Protecting the family is the priority and valuable possessions come second. Safe havens can be purpose built or created in easily accessible places such as an ensuite bathroom. Insurance approved safes can be located throughout the house affording easy access to valuables.

All Eden security surveyors are trained to design out crime. Have undertaken considerable training in the production of Eden’s own security report. The report is produced to be easy to read and used to prioritise what risk should be addressed first. This allows for the appropriate allocation of financial resources to ensure the family is safe in their own home.

For further advice and information, please contact Mark Whitworth or Alex Sansbury on 0207 471 6000