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Info for Household Couple

The Role of a Private Household Couple

Their role is to provide services to an individual or family within their home(s). Most Couples jobs will offer a division of the duties – usually divided between’ indoor’ and ‘outdoor’ duties.
Typical household duties may include:
• Cooking
• Cleaning
• Ironing/Laundry
• Childcare

Typical outdoor duties may include:
• Driving
• Home Maintenance/DIY/Security
• Gardening
• Pet/animal care
In more formal households, the Couple may also serve/wait at table for families and at special functions /dinner parties/social events. Some Couples will travel as part of their job – often spending their time between the family’s properties within in the UK or abroad.
A professional Couple will work hard to ensure your home runs smoothly on a daily basis. They will deal with emergencies and generally manage your home affairs on your behalf, giving you peace of mind and reassurance that your home is in capable hands.