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Maternity Nurses – Why should you work through an agency?

Benefits of working through an agency

Our consultants can offer support and guidance during the placement. If there is an issue, whether it is baby related or with the parents, we will help you through the booking.

Should you become ill before or during the booking, it will be our responsibility to source support for the family until you are able to return/start.

Should you not be able to do the booking at all, it is our responsibility, not yours, to find a suitable replacement for the family.

We take the responsibility to discuss your salary and negotiate with the client where needed. We know that most maternity nurses feel uncomfortable discussing salary and payment with the families they work for. We can help and support you with this and discuss with the family on your behalf if needed.

We also recommend that all maternity nurses contact voice and obtain  appropriate insurance

Please speak to either Katie, Vanessa or Sally on 0207 4716000 if need to discuss any further